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Legoland® is a group of Lego® themed adventure parks. There are currently four Legoland® parks around the world: Legoland® Billund, in the Lego® company's home country of Denmark, along with Legoland® Deutschland in Germany, Legoland® Windsor in England, and Legoland® California. The parks offer an assortment of Lego® themed attractions, primarily geared at young children and families.

The Lego Group was founded in Denmark in the 1950s, although the blocks which are associated with the company were not perfected until 1963. Lego® plastic blocks are designed to interlock with each other and pull apart, so that they can be endlessly reconfigured. They were inspired by wooden play blocks, which have long been popular with children. In addition to the classic Lego® blocks, the company also releases accessories and kits covering themes which range from medieval knights to space.

The Legoland® parks enlarge the concept, featuring a number of themed areas to explore along with replications of major landmarks built entirely from Lego® blocks in an area called Miniland. Each park has different rides and replicas, depending on the nation. California's Legoland®, for example, includes a replica of the Las Vegas strip, while Legoland® Windsor has Lego® block constructions of London landmarks. Some of the rides, such as the Dragon Coaster, are common to all four Legoland® parks.


The majority of the rides and activities in the Legoland® parks are designed for children between two and 12. Younger children can find activities in the Duplo® area of the park, named after the larger blocks manufactured by the Lego Group for young children. Older children can drive bumper cars, ride gentle roller coasters, and participate in interactive activities.

The popular areas at the Legoland® parks include a pirate themed area, where guests can ride around on boats which appear to be built out of Lego® blocks, and an adventure land for older children featuring more extreme roller coasters. Another area has a medieval theme, with a castle built from Lego® blocks and a dragon shaped roller coaster. Some of the parks offer a Viking themed ride, complete with a water slide.

In addition to rides and Lego® replicas of notable landmarks, the Legoland® parks also have a Lego® Mindstorms area for an educational experience. The parks offer the range of eating facilities expected of most theme parks, along with specific foods which cater to dietary sensitivities. Tickets are sold on a daily or annual membership basis, and are available at the gate as well as through direct order on the Legoland® website.


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