What is Lease Administration Software?

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Lease administration software is a special computer application that can manage multiple rental or lease properties for an individual owner, real estate firm, or a property management group. The most common forms of lease management software allow property owners or managers to manage lease contracts, sales, and rental agreements for residents. Many lease software systems allow for the management of service requests, pest control, lawn care, snow removal, or garbage service. These programs also can keep track of all property expenses such as taxes and property maintenance.

The majority of commercial property companies use some form of lease administration software to handle all the responsibilities of owning and caring for large properties such as apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, military buildings, and corporate housing complexes. Often, the property can be managed easily by just a few administrative employees who keep track of new leases, renewals, rent and deposit payments, taxes, and maintenance expenses remotely from a corporate office.

The use of lease management software is not limited to just large commercial properties like apartment buildings. In many cases, real estate agencies use a modified version of lease administration software to handle the multiple homes and buildings that are available for sale or rent. This software allows real estate firms to assign certain properties to regional agents, maintain the properties for showings, schedule open houses, and handle all the real estate forms and financial paperwork real estate sales and lease management.


Many times when individuals are in the process of renting their private properties they can use lease administration software to manage lease agreements, security deposits, home repairs, and tax bills all in one place. There are free and low-cost options for lease administration software readily available for private property owners to use. Leasing software allows home owners to handle the many responsibilities of home ownership much more efficiently and inexpensively from the convenience of their home computer.

Residents of commercial and private properties can also benefit from the many features that lease administration software provides. Lease software can safely store digital copies of rental agreements, update renters of important changes, alert tenants when rent is due, allow for online service requests, and even manage rent and utility payments. Lease software makes it easy to access this information anytime it’s needed and is an easy way to contact property owners after regular business hours.


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