What is Leadership Management?

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A manager who is also a leader is an asset to any company. Being able to not only manage others, but also to inspire them to work their hardest is a great characteristic for any manager to have. Leadership management is being able to use leadership skills in a management position.

Some people may feel that it is impractical to be both a leader and a manager, claiming that they are two different jobs. Managers are in charge of getting work done, being in control, emphasizing procedures and rules, and making decisions. Leaders are team players, working with others to achieve goals. However, by combining the two roles, it is possible to inspire employees to overcome challenges and increase productivity, thus getting more work done. Also, employees who feel like part of a team instead of subordinates are more likely to follow rules and guidelines.

Leadership management can be applied by anyone who is in a position of leading others, even those not specifically in managerial positions. The best way to succeed in this management style is to view yourself as part of the team, and not as the person who controls the team, although you technically are in charge. This may mean improving communication skills, making it easier not only for your ideas to be understood but for you to understand the ideas of others. Pay attention to the feedback your employees offer; they often have a clear understanding of what needs improvement, and ideas on how to best implement any changes that may be necessary.

Leaders often have a vision that they are trying to achieve. In the workplace, this may be a completed project, an improvement in productivity, or simply a new way of doing things. Managers are in the unique position of being able to realize these goals in the workplace. Using a leadership management style can create a workplace environment where people feel like equals. An employee who doesn’t feel like a subordinate is more productive and more open to constructive criticism, knowing that their hard work and willingness to improve is helping to achieve a common goal. Tapping into the spirit of teamwork is one of the best ways to energize employees.

In the high stress, high speed, and complex work environments of the technological age, it is easy for employees to feel like they aren’t noticed amongst the office hierarchy. An employee who feels invisible may become disheartened, and may even cease caring about the quality of their work. A manager who leads his or her employees, rather than simply being their boss, can make a worker feel noticed again. Leadership management is a effective tool to bring lost employees back on board, and pave a path to a better workplace for everyone.

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Post 2

SurfNTurf-I think that leadership management difference entails a certain amount of courage.

Leaders do the work that others are afraid to taken on. They have the confidence to confront problems and do not avoid a problem because they do not know what to do. For example, Rudy Giuliani when he was elected Mayor of New York cracked down on the high crime rate by changing the culture.

He arrested people that vandalized buildings and made sure there was a larger police presence on the streets. He also led welfare reform which lessens the burden the city government was facing and actually got people to work.

He however, is most famous regarding the actions he took after the

twin towers fell on September 11th. He supported the fire dept and the police officers by going to all of their funerals of the fallen officers.

This is another thing that a leader always does and it is why people will work harder for a leader that supports his team.

Post 1

Leadership vs. management is often used interchangeably but they really mean different things.

A leader is someone who inspires others to do their best. They usually have the best work ethic and demonstrate to employees how important the virtue of hard work is.

They also see the positive aspects of their team and lead them to increase their productivity by first informing the employee what they are good at and appreciating this contribution, while then asking the employee for ideas on how they think that they can improve on the other areas of their work performance.

Leadership management courses offer a lot of different leadership management theories. For example, the MBO principle is management by objective. Here

the manager gives exact objectives to make sure that the project is completely properly.

Often the organizational leadership management course involves a high degree of team building. Leaders that create cohesive working environments in which the employees feel valued for their contributions will most likely perform at higher levels of productivity which will ultimately bring the company more revenue.

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