What is Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

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Suffering from stretch marks is a fear that many people have, particularly those who have gained or lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. Fortunately, there is help for stretch marks, and it comes in various forms. One of the more advanced techniques is laser stretch mark removal, which removes the old, stretched skin with a laser. New skin then grows back, devoid of the marks that many dread.

Stretch marks can show up on nearly any body part, including the arms, legs, stomach, hips, and back. They typically appear after extreme weight loss, fast weight gain, or pregnancy, and many believe that they must suffer with the marks for life, since they are difficult to remove. This may be because most of the lotions and creams on the market for stretch removal are not known to work well. Laser stretch mark removal, however, works quite differently, which is why those who can afford this type of treatment have come to expect positive results.


The laser stretch mark removal procedure starts with a concentrated ray of light that is moved along the marks by a professional. It removes the very thin top layers of skin by destroying the cells, which also removes the scar tissue that causes the marks. Eventually, new skin will be made in place of the scar tissue that was removed, as the cells will regenerate. The result should be new, healthier skin that is bereft of any unsightly marks.

More than one laser stretch mark removal treatment is typically required for results. In fact, anywhere from two to ten treatments are usually needed, depending on the severity and number of stretch marks. The procedure rarely lasts more than an hour, and is considered a noninvasive treatment. Pain is not typically experienced, but a slight pinching sensation may be felt.

Though most patients can likely get laser stretch mark removal performed on their lunch break, afterward they might notice slight redness where the marks were removed. Other side effects are rare, but may include scarring, blistering, bruising, swelling, and changes in skin pigmentation. Most who experience such effects should not expect the issues to last longer than a few weeks as the skin properly heals. It should also be known that newer stretch marks that are pink or red are usually easier to treat with laser stretch mark removal than the older, silver types. Therefore, the sooner treatment is completed, the better, in most cases.


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Post 4

I am hoping that the cost of laser stretch mark removal goes down in the future. I have high hopes that it will. The use of lasers for the treatment of cosmetic defects is becoming more and more popular. Between stretch marks, hair removal and other dermatological improvements the use of lasers is skyrocketing. Soon the cost will come down.

Post 3

A good friend of mine got her stretch marks removed by a laser and her results were incredible. Even if you are looking closely you cannot see any trace of them.

I am seriously thinking abut getting the procedure done myself. It was fast, painless and you can't argue with the results

Post 2

How effective is laser stretch mark removal? Will it completely remove my stretch marks or just make them fainter? Will I end up with soft smooth skin or will there be some kind of scar tissue?

After my second pregnancy I ended up with a lot of stretch marks on my stomach and butt. I am very embarrassed by them and none of the creams I have tried have done anything. I would like to get some treatment, but I want something that will work, that will leave my skin normal again.

Post 1

how much would a treatment like this cost?

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