What Is Labia Stretching?

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The process of labia stretching involves pulling or weighing down the inner labia, or labia minora, in order to elongate them. Itstarted as a cultural tradition in parts of ancient Africa, Asia, and the South Seas, but has since been adopted by some Western cultures, though on a much smaller scale. It is primarily done for appearances and sexual enhancement.

Labia stretching is typically approached with the goal of permanently increasing the length of the labia minora. The process of stretching must be done on a regular basis for an extended period of time in order to achieve lasting results. Regular stretching also continually increases the size of the labia. The lips can extend to just outside the labia majora or stretch down as far as a woman’s knees.

There are two primary ways of approaching labia stretching: via pulling or with the use of weights. Pulling is the method used most frequently in tribal societies. The weight method is more common among practitioners in Western nations.

Traditional labia stretching in areas of Sub-Saharan Africa such as Rwanda is considered to be a rite of passage. It is typically practiced over the course of several years, from puberty onwards. The girl will usually perform stretching by herself as a part of a regular routine, with possible inspection and guidance by an older female family member. The length of the stretched labia in traditional cultures depends upon the tribe and the geographical area. There is a wide variance in length.

Labia stretching equipment can also be purchased. It usually consists of a small teardrop-shaped weight which is attached to the labia via a clamp or clip. A woman is typically advised to start stretching with a lighter weight, to be increased as the process progresses. In order to achieve even stretching, the weights are usually attached to different areas for each session, or multiple weights are placed across the lips, rather than having one heavier weight in a single spot.

Many women who engage in labia stretching consider the results to be a point of pride and a sign of maturity and sexual readiness. The traditional practice is so ingrained in these cultures that it is not a question of whether a girl will begin stretching, but when. The practice has been the source of some controversy. There are groups who claim that it is an act of genital mutilation similar to female castration. Supporters of stretching claim that the two practices are widely different, as stretching is meant to increase sexual pleasure and control, while castration is meant to reduce those sensations.

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Post 9

The main problem with this "tradition" is that it is encouraged in very young children, it can be both painful and dangerous, and as such we can make a judgment against it. Also, this falls into the category of genital mutilation when practiced on very young girls, which is illegal in most first world countries. What adults choose to do is a different question, though even here social pressures can impose choices that are not really "free".

Post 8

I started stretching my labia when I was 16. I am now 28 and my labia hang down four inches. I love the result and so do my lovers. I can recommend it to any girl to start in your mid teens while your body is developing.

Post 7

Most people don't understand the whole ideology behind labia stretching. It's not ridiculous. Actually, it's quite normal in our culture. I am African. That is why most African men enjoy sex with African females -- because African women have longer labia, which increases sexual pleasure.

Post 3

@JessicaLynn - Well, labia stretching and vaginal lips surgery may sound ridiculous to you, but I bet the people who engage in these practices would probably disagree.

Labia stretching is a cultural tradition, and it's not meant to harm the women. In fact, it's meant to increase their sexual pleasure! So while this practice may sound weird to us, I don't think we should judge these people for their culture.

As far as labia reduction, I think that's a personal choice. We all have various body parts we feel insecure about, and I don't see a problem with someone getting an operation so they feel more comfortable.

Post 2

@indemnifym - Wow, vaginal plastic surgery? Now I've heard everything! I know plastic surgery is popular in this country, but that just sounds a little excessive to me.

I actually think both labia stretching and labia reduction sounds a little ridiculous. I imagine most people are born with "normal" looking genitalia, so why mess around and try to change it? It's not like it's something the general public is going to see!

Post 1
It's so interesting how traditions vary from culture to culture. In some countries, like the article said, having longer labia is considered so attractive women go to great lengths to stretch their labia! But in some places, having smaller labia is considered much more attractive, and some women are willing to undergo surgery to get them.

I read an article that here in the United States, some women are getting a surgery called a labiaplasty, which is surgical vaginal lip reduction. These women want their inner labia to be smaller, not larger like in other countries.

I have to wonder how these cultural norms get started!

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