What is Kundalini Energization?

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Kundalini Energization is a form of energy work which involves working with the spiritual energy known as “kundalini” in the yogic tradition. According to yogis, kundalini energy stays tightly coiled in the spine until it is released through yoga, meditation, and other practices. Releasing kundalini is supposed to strengthen someone's spiritual connection to the world while purifying the body, allowing the practitioner to reach a state of bliss. Numerous traditions involve work with this energy, including kundalini yoga.

This energy work technique was developed by Mauricio Panisett of Brazil, and later integrated into the psychotherapeutic therapy known as RoHun. The guiding principle behind RoHun is that feelings, emotions, and experiences actually manifest in the body as a form of energy, and that by working with that energy, a therapist and client can work together to address unresolved issues.

In RoHun, Kundalini Energization is used to awaken the emotions which are believed to be trapped inside the body. The therapist uses talk therapy and gentle touch to work with the patient, visualizing the energy as a form of light. According to practitioners, the therapist can manipulate the energy, encouraging the release of negative emotions and the purification of the chakras, key energy points in the body.

A session of Kundalini Energization, like that of other energy work sessions, is very gentle. The client usually lies clothed on a padded table, and he or she may be draped for comfort. The therapist and client work together on breathing exercises, and then the therapist starts to explore the client's energy, using gentle touch. The goal of the session is to release perceived blockages in energy, helping the patient's psychotherapy progress.

While Kundalini Energization can be undertaken on its own, it is really designed to be part of a larger psychotherapeutic experience which includes repeat sessions, counseling, and other forms of energy work. The RoHun therapeutic technique was developed by Patricia Hayes in the 1980s, uniting psychotherapeutic traditions, especially that of Jung, with energy work and other metaphysical ways of looking at the body.

For Kundalini Energization sessions to be successful, both client and therapist must be open to each other and the treatment. Psychotherapeutic treatment is a serious commitment, requiring a connection between client and therapist. Sometimes people must experiment with several practitioners and therapeutic approaches before they find one who works for them.

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