What is Krumkake?

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A krumkake is a traditional Norwegian cookie made from a special batter which is cooked in an embossed mold and then rolled around a cylinder to create a hollow tube which can be filled with things like whipped cream or custard. The proper plural is krumkaker, and these sweet, flavorful cookies are frequently served around the holidays. Some stores sell packaged krumkaker, and they can also be made at home with a krumkake iron, which can be ordered from a kitchen supply store. Some packaged krumkaker come without filling, allowing cooks to fill them with their own flavorings.

In Norwegian, krum means “bent,” while kake means “cake.” The name is a reference to the fact that the cookies are rolled up to create a cylindrical shape. When made well, krumkaker are light, crunchy, and crisp with a clear, delicate flavor. They can be eaten as-is or dipped in warm drinks, depending on the filling, and krumkaker can also be paired with other holiday sweets on a large dessert platter.

In addition to being popular in Norway, krumkaker are also common in the American Midwest, which has a large population of people who come from Norwegian descent. Numerous variations on the cookies can be found in the Midwest, along with krumcake irons embossed with fanciful patterns. Many companies also produce specialized irons which make the cooking task extremely easy, with foolproof settings and surfaces which are easy to care for.


To make these Norwegian holiday cookies, start by creating a krumkake batter. Most krumkake irons come with the own recommended batter recipes which can be adjusted with the addition of ingredients like cardamom, lemon, or nutmeg for additional flavor. The batter may range from slightly runny to more dense and cookie-like. If the batter is runny, it should be ladled into the krumkake iron; more doughy batters can be rolled into balls which will be gently pressed flat with the iron is closed.

When the krumkake is cooked to a golden brown color, it should be quickly wrapped around a cylindrical shape before it cools. Gently slide the rolled krumkake off the cylinder and allow it to cool on a rack before filling it with whipped cream, custard, pastry cream, melted chocolate, or other variations. Some people also enjoy fresh fruit or jam in their krumkaker. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and store chilled until you wish to serve them.


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Post 4

I am making Krumkake for a wedding and wondered how far in advance can I make them?

Post 3

I would like to know how long I can store Krumkake?

Post 2

The best way is to use a cookie tin lined with paper towels. They are best fresh since they are very crisp, but can be stored for a short time this way. You won't be able to fill them with anything before storing, but i think they are best with no filling and dusted with powdered sugar since they have a very delicate, creamy taste.

Post 1

What is the best way to store these cookies and for how long can you do so? Note: I live in a humid area.

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