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Kolorex® is a natural herbal remedy for internal and external candidiasis. Kolorex can be taken internally to treat candidiasis of the intestinal tract, or it can be applied externally to treat candidiasis of the skin and genitals. Kolorex® is manufactured from extracts of the horopito plant, which is native to New Zealand and has been traditionally used by the indigenous Maori. Kolorex® cream and capsules are considered an herbal supplement, and long-term use should generally be discussed with a medical professional. Side effects are normally few and mild.

Horopito is a flowering plant native to the islands of New Zealand. Its leaves normally contain natural antifungal agents, which help the plant to thrive in its moist, native rain forests, where fungi are plentiful. The leaves also have antioxidant properties. Because the leaves of the horopito are generally spicy, they can cause stomach upset or mild skin irritation when used to treat candidiasis.

Pills and creams for treating candidiasis can be made by extracting the active, antifungal ingredients from horopito leaves. These extracts may be suspended in olive oil and put into capsules, for ease of ingestion and absorption. Pills and capsules can help bring intestinal flora populations into balance to treat intestinal yeast infections. Topical creams can be used to treat skin and genital yeast infections. The Kolorex® line of candida care products uses horopito extract as a main ingredient.


Side effects of Kolorex® include a slight chance of allergic reaction, especially when cream is applied topically to sensitive skin. Because horopito leaves are often spicy, applying Kolorex® cream to sensitive or damaged skin can cause irritation and burning. Kolorex® pills and capsules can irritate sensitive stomachs, causing nausea and discomfort. Stomach discomfort usually goes away after two or three uses, when the body becomes accustomed to ingesting horopito extract.

When intestinal candidiasis is severe, a phenomenon known as the Herxheimer reaction, or yeast die-off syndrome, can occur. This reaction typically occurs when a large colony of internal candida yeast is killed. The dying yeast release toxins into the body, which can cause head and body aches, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, sweating, fatigue, chills, and nausea. Though unpleasant, the Herxheimer reaction is considered a normal and healthy physical detoxification process, and not a sign that candida care should be stopped. Herxheimer reactions typically last two to three days, though they can continue for weeks if intestinal candidiasis is severe.


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I was prescribed this after parasites attacked my digestive system and moved into my pancreas, causing horrible pancreatitis. How long does it take to clear out the yeast after the parasites have gone?

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