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Kindermusik® is a music and movement class designed for young children from newborn to age seven. Attending a Kindermusik® class helps children develop language skills, motor skills, musicality, social skills, and other important abilities every young child needs in order to become a successful learner. Each week, kids listen, play, and dance to music. Most classes include the use of storytime, rhythm instruments, dance, and singing. Children love to move, sing, and dance, so attending such a class is one way to introduce children to activities relating to arts and literature.

Kindermusik® offers several types of classes, including Family Time, Village, Sign & Sing, Our Time, Imagine That, Young Child, Adventures Camps, and ABC Music & Me. Each class is geared toward specific age groups. Family Time and Village is designed for newborns, while Sign & Sing is created for children six months to three years. Our Time is designed for children 18 months to three years old.

Imagine That is for kids aged three to five, and ABC Music & Me is especially for children who are between two and six years old. Children learn phonemic awareness and early reading skills in this particular course designed for kids enrolled in day care centers or Pre-K. The Adventures Camps involve activities appropriate for newborns to age seven. These camps are summer programs that highlight stories, music, and crafts.


The goal of this early-childhood program is to provide an environment where parents and children can participate in developmentally appropriate activities relating to music, movement, and literacy. Classes are taught around the world by licensed Kindermusik® teachers. The teachers are trained to entertain and educate children through the use of instruments, music, stories, and dance.

If someone would like to become a teacher for this early-childhood company, she can participate in an in-home training program that allows her to learn the Kindermusik® method of teaching music and movement to small children. Each person enrolled in the distance education program learns from a mentor who already teaches the program. After about eight to ten weeks, a person can become licensed to teach Kindermusik® in her own state.

Kindermusik® instructors teach classes in their homes, at dance or music schools, in community centers, or within their own facilities. People such as stay-at-home moms also consider becoming instructors because of the ability to set their own flexible schedules around the needs of their children. Dance teachers or music teachers might also consider becoming licensed instructors in order to expand their business.

If someone is interested in taking her child to a class, she can usually find a licensed instructor in her area. It may even be possible to sample a free class before deciding to enroll. Kindermusik® classes strive to develop fine motor skills, encourage musicality, and expose children to literature. Children also learn social skills because they participate in a class along with other children their age.


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