What is Kickboxing Fitness?

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Kickboxing fitness is a popular form of cardiovascular exercise that is usually held in large classes. It is a mix of aerobics, martial arts, boxing and kicking. Men, women and even children take these fitness conditioning classes. Unlike regular kickboxing, kickboxing fitness is not a competitive sport; it is mostly for conditioning purposes.

Fitness classes that offer kickboxing usually teach their students how to kick properly, how to punch and other martial arts-related moves. Kickboxing fitness classes do not pair up students to fight each other, as martial arts classes do. Instead, students use a large punching bag on which to practice their moves. They are told to pretend that the bag is an enemy or attacker who must be fought.

Classes are held by a single instructor who demonstrates the moves for the students. High-energy music typically is played in the background to motivate students. The music is thought to encourage the students to keep up their energy levels during the program. Kickboxing is considered a very good cardiovascular exercise, burning hundreds of calories per hour.


Students typically will start class by warming up with stretches and other simple movements. The students will then start punching and kicking the bag, according to the instructor‘s directions. At the end of class, the students often will spend a few minutes cooling down and stretching. The stretching portion is important because it conditions the muscles and prevents injuries from occurring later. People usually sweat during kickboxing classes, so it is advisable for them to drink plenty of water.

People should consult a physician before they start a kickboxing fitness program. It is a rigorous form of cardio conditioning that can cause injuries in people who are not yet ready for it. Many gyms offer kickboxing fitness classes that last several weeks. There also are many video discs on the market that people can use at home.

It is important for participants to dress appropriately for a kickboxing fitness class. People should wear loose, cotton clothing and sneakers. Pants or shorts are appropriate, as long as they are loose enough to allow high kicks.

Overall, kickboxing fitness is a popular and fun way to get back in shape. It teaches participants how to defend themselves and how to harness aggression. Some people report that fitness kickboxing has dramatically improved their confidence and self-esteem. It can be a great stress reliever after a long day at work or school. It also loosens up muscles, strengthens muscles and improves the speed at which the body can move the arms and legs.


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