What is Kali Bichromicum?

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Kali bichromicum is a homeopathic remedy also known as potassium bichromate, kali bich, and bichromate of potash. Homeopaths may prescribe this remedy for problems with mucous membranes, digestive disorders, migraines, and rheumatic pain. The creation of this homeopathic remedy involves diluting the original potassium bichromate with lactose, distilled water, or alcohol until it is so diluted no molecules of the original substance remain in the finished product. No peer-reviewed studies support the effectiveness of kali bichromicum in curing illness.

Homeopathic physicians may prescribe this substance to those complaining of respiratory problems, especially sinus and nasal congestion, or fluid in the ear. It may also be prescribed to patients with rheumatic pain that comes and goes quickly and becomes worse in hot weather.

Digestive disorders, including nausea, vomiting yellowish mucous, peptic ulcers, and indigestion that comes on soon after finishing a meal are also said to respond well to this treatment. Migraine headaches that begin at night and feel better with pressure on the root of the nose may also be helped by this remedy.


Assessing an individual's mental state is an important factor in homeopathic diagnosis. Homeopathic doctors may use kali bichromicum for patients who demonstrate difficulty concentrating on tasks that require sustained focus such as studying. The patient may also appear sad or gloomy, mistrusting, irritable, and absentminded. Mental symptoms, in conjunction with the previously described physical symptoms, indicate to the homeopath that this substance may be a helpful treatment for the patient.

The strength of a homeopathic remedy is indicated by its potency. The more a remedy is diluted, the higher the potency number will be. The potency level most often prescribed for adults taking kali bichromicum is 6x-12x, with the usual adult dosage of three pellets four to six times per day. The pellets should be placed under the tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream. Any homeopathic remedy should be taken 30 minutes before or after eating, brushing teeth, or drinking anything except water.

According to homeopathic doctors, these remedies are to be used only for self-limiting conditions. If symptoms do not improve within five to seven days, or if they worsen, the patient should seek medical attention. Medical advice should also be sought out if pain remains, swelling develops, or if the patient spikes a fever. Homeopathic remedies, including kali bichromicum, are generally free of side effects and are considered safe. Even so, those with chronic illnesses, and pregnant or nursing women, may want to seek professional medical advice before using this remedy.

There have been no double-blind studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrating the efficacy of kali bichromicum. The only evidence that it works is anecdotal. As such, many conventional medical doctors are very skeptical about this remedy.


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Post 4

@Populartesi: I saw your post and wanted to comment. I have been a sinusitis sufferer for a dozen years now and my symptoms have gotten progressively worse over the years. Usually one of my sinuses would become clogged with white stringy mucus and I would have a headache that would start on that side and then travel to the back of my head. I've had two sinus surgeries (polyps removed and balloon sinuplasty) and I also started allergy shots. My ENT said that it might still take another year of the shots to have an relief. So I found a study done by the University of Maryland that details treatments of sinus headaches. According to the study, my specific headache

responds to kali bich. About a week ago I started using it and the results have been nothing short of spectacular! Both of my sinuses are open (which hasn't happened in almost 10 years) and I haven't had a headache since! Best of luck.
Post 3

I use Kali bichromicum30x for chronic sinus congestion. About 20 minutes after taking it, I can feel it relieve the sinus pressure in my face and relieve the headache caused by the pressure. It works. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Because my chronic condition is due to unavoidable allergens, I have been tempted to take it beyond the 10 day limit. Let me tell you: this stuff thins mucus. (This is for the ladies: think about all the places in your body that you need some mucus, so take my advice follow the directions on the bottle and don't take it longer than the recommended time.)

Post 2

What food or herbal administration would help maintain a perfect (100 percent) erection during love making?

Post 1

I’ve been a chronic sinusitis suffer for a couple of years now and I’m fed up! No doctor has been able to help and I’ve tried everything from over-the-counter medications to prescriptions. I’m constantly congested, and I’m miserable. I finally decided to look into some more homeopathic options because I’m ready to try just about anything. I then read about Kali bichromicum and I’m wondering if anyone out there who’s also been dealing with nasal issues found any relief from this? I’m willing to try it but I’ve already forked over so much money that I would really like to hear some advice or positive reviews from others.

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