What is Job Relocation?

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Perhaps you’re fed up with the area in which you live and would like to live somewhere else. Alternately, your company may decide to move their operations elsewhere but still wants to keep you as an employee. In either case, you’re looking at job relocation, where you’re looking for or are offered a job in another part of the country, or outside of it, or you’re hoping to retain your current job by moving to another place.

Job relocation takes a great deal of consideration. If you’d like to move elsewhere, you’ll first need to figure out if your area of employment is in demand in a place in which you’d like to live. Initial searches if you want to relocate for a job should focus on looking at employment offers in areas you’re considering. A lot of help can be obtained by searching Internet websites like craigslist, where you can search multiple areas.


Alternately, you may be in the type of field where job relocation will give you a chance at doing more interesting work. You may be offered jobs in other locations, even if you haven’t applied for them. Deciding if you wish to relocate may be based on a variety of factors. If you’re in a committed relationship, what will the job situation be like for your partner/spouse? If you have children, will you be relocating to an area with good schools, and where will you need to live to be in the best school districts? Are you leaving behind most of your family and friends, or are you moving back close to them?

Before deciding whether to relocate for a job, you should do a lot of research about the community you plan to move to. What is the quality of living there, and what resources are available? Check community based websites to see what kind of resources, benefits or disadvantages a new place offers to you. Figure out how your salary improves, maintains, or lowers your quality of living. Does a company want you enough to pay the extensive moving expenses that may be attached to moving to a different state, or just to a different city?

Sometimes people feel they have little choice when their current employer decides to relocate jobs to another part of the country. Employers may find they can operate their business less expensively and more effectively elsewhere. Some companies maintain an office or skeleton crew of workers at the old location, and if you really are not interested in job relocation, you may want to see if you can remain at your same location. On the other hand, a company relocating its business may have few jobs to offer except at their new location, but they may be most generous about helping workers relocate because of a job. Usually such relocations are planned in advance so employees have plenty of time to decide if uprooting and moving is for them.

In all cases, whether you must or just want to relocate for a job, job relocation takes consideration. You should also make certain that a job being offered to you that requires job relocation is from a stable company, since people who are newly hired may be the first fired in case of layoffs. Moving to a new place only to lose a job can be a devastating experience. You also have to decide whether gains of moving to a new place outweigh losses, and how relocation may impact your family. Still, this practice is common, with many people moving for new jobs on a regular basis. However, it’s best to go into a situation with a full knowledge of the resources in your new community, and how you and/or your family will adapt to these new surroundings.


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Post 3

Latte31- I have heard of that happening a lot. I also want to add that sometimes job relocation is temporary.

A company may relocate an employee for a specified period of time to complete a project. This job relocation often enhances the employee's prospects for advancement; so many people accept the offer.

This is what happened to my husband's friend.

Post 2

Sunny27- Sometimes if you want to continue with the company you will have to move because of office relocation.

A friend of mine works for a company that relocated their accounting department to Costa Rica because it was cheaper.

An accountant for example in Costa Rica would make about $900 a month which makes the job relocation costs minimal for company.

There are a lot of American companies that have operations there for the same reason.

Post 1

Many times job relocation assistance is offered to employees that are asked to relocate.

The company will usually offer to pay for the moving expenses and might even offer a housing allowance.

When my mother-in-law had to relocate because of her job with AT&T, the company not only picked out the tab for removing costs, but also gave her a housing allowance for six months.

This gave her an opportunity to try to sell her house or at least find someone to rent it out to.

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