What is Job Management?

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In the business world, job management is also known as job schedule management, and it is usually done by a human resources worker. The responsibilities of a job manager can vary depending on the type of company and its number of employees. A job management worker is responsible for coordinating the labor schedule, and is generally charged with the task of making sure work is organized to successfully and safely complete a job. A job is usually defined as a contracted task requested by a client. In the office, job management can also refer to a function within a printer that allows the user to queue multiple jobs for print.

Completing a job requires someone to schedule employees who can do the work required to get it done. A job manager must design a schedule with an accurately estimated number of work hours needed to complete the job. Coordinating the schedule also includes scheduling hours for employees who have the right skills to complete the job tasks. One example might be job scheduling for a construction site on which welding, forklift, and concrete skills are required. A job manager must ensure that workers with all of the necessary skills are on site when they are needed.


At the job site, workers need things to complete their tasks on the job. In addition to managing the schedule, job managers must also coordinate equipment, tools, and transportation for the workers on the job. This can include ensuring that the workers have a source of power or available fuel to run any electronics or machines needed to complete the task. If the job site is remote or difficult to enter and leave, job managers may also be responsible for coordinating food, water, and restrooms.

Most job managers who are in charge of delegating a significant number of jobs use software to help them with their scheduling tasks. Employee scheduling software is commonly used as a tool to improve and speed up job management. This type of scheduling software can also be called employee resource management software. Scheduling programs used to manage and delegate labor resources include TimeCurve®, On Schedule® and ShiftHound®. These programs allow one to efficiently design, correct, and print an employee schedule.

Less frequently, job management can be used to refer to a series of stress-reduction techniques that streamline the process of doing a job. Job management of this type includes effective time management, creation of reasonable work boundaries, and relaxation techniques. Some employers use a job management system to improve employee well-being.


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