What is Jasmine Aromatherapy Oil?

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Jasmine aromatherapy oil is an oil made from the small, white flowers of the jasmine plant. It has traditionally been used to help alleviate numerous health problems, including muscle cramping and depression. Ways to use jasmine oil include drinking it in tea, using the oil during massage, and inhaling the oil to relax the nervous system.

To make jasmine oil, the flowers are gathered at night when the oil content in the flowers is at its peak. Once the flowers are gathered, the oil is extracted by a method called enfleurage. Since jasmine flowers are highly fragrant, many people use jasmine aromatherapy oil simply for the scent alone. The oil is, however, said to have many healing properties as well.

Jasmine aromatherapy oil relaxes the nervous system, which can be good for a variety of ailments. Many people use jasmine oil to calm their nerves, help them sleep, or relieve depression. Jasmine oil has also been known to increase mental alertness and stimulate the brain.

Another important use for jasmine oil is as a skin healing cosmetic. For the purpose of healing skin lesions, jasmine oil is added to sesame oil and dabbed onto rough spots on the skin. This oil mixture has been known to heal and moisturize skin sores.


In addition to its healing properties, jasmine oil is also used to flavor herbal teas. These teas are typically good for relaxation. Also, drinking the tea is said to calm the nerves.

There are several ways to use jasmine aromatherapy oil to promote health and well being in the body. One way is to simply inhale the oil. Small bottles of jasmine oil typically can be purchased online or at a local herb shop. When inhaling jasmine, the body generally relaxes and the nervous system is calmed. Another way to use jasmine essential oil is to enjoy it during a bath — a person could add a few drops of jasmine oil to bathwater to have a relaxing and aromatic bath.

One of the most relaxing ways to use jasmine aromatherapy oil is to have it used during a massage. Many massage therapists offer aromatherapy massages to their clients. This can be an effective way to use jasmine oil to help a person relax and enjoy its healing properties. If the massage therapist does not offer jasmine oil, a person could bring some on the next visit and have the massage therapist add it in to his or her cream or lotion.

There are many perfumes and lotions that contain jasmine oil. These products can be sprayed or rubbed on the body to enhance the mood and alleviate anxiety. The smell of jasmine is complex and typically will last for hours when applied to the skin.


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Post 3

I use jasmine oil with an aromatherapy diffuser. I used to buy jasmine scented candles before but they were expensive and did not last very long. Using jasmine aromatherapy oil with a diffuser is much more economical and I think it's better. Jasmine oil smells better and more natural than most jasmine candles. I use the oil before I go to bed to unwind and to help promote sleep. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep at night because of the stress of the day, and jasmine aromatherapy oil really helps.

Post 2

@turquoise-- Massaging with jasmine oil may help with cramps and spasms. But do not use the oil directly because you will use up the oil quickly and the scent may be overwhelming. Instead add some jasmine aromatherapy oil or essential oil to a base oil like olive oil and use this oil to massage areas that need relaxation.

Since jasmine oil also relaxes the mind and fights depression, it may prevent spasms if they are caused by mental tension or worry. In this sense, adding jasmine oil to bath water, or apply jasmine perfume oil to your wrist may be beneficial as well.

Post 1

How can I use jasmine aromatherapy oil for muscle cramping?

I experienced a severe spasm in my back recently and I'm worried that it might happen again. Can jasmine aromatherapy oil help?

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