What is Ivy Extract?

Pamela Pleasant

Ivy extract is oil that is taken from the leaves of the evergreen plant known as ivy. It is mainly used to promote a healthy respiratory system, but it can also be applied to the skin as an antiaging treatment. This extract is available in either a capsule or liquid form and it can be found in many types of crèmes and ointments. The ivy plant is native to southern Europe and should not be confused with poison ivy that is found in North and South America.

Ivy extract may help those who suffer from medical problems that cause shortness of breath.
Ivy extract may help those who suffer from medical problems that cause shortness of breath.

There are ingredients found in ivy extract that can make it an expectorant. This means that it can aid in the reduction of accumulated mucus found in the respiratory system. Saponins and an alkaloid called emetine, increase the secretion of mucus within the lungs. When coughing occurs, the mucus can be expelled through the mouth. Coughing can sometimes cause muscle spasms in the bronchial area and this extract can help soothe the spasms.

Individuals suffering from bronchitis can benefit from using ivy extract.
Individuals suffering from bronchitis can benefit from using ivy extract.

People who suffer with certain medical conditions, including asthma and bronchitis, can benefit by using ivy extract. The symptoms of these conditions include a shortness of breath, coughing, and heavy wheezing. This can be due to inflammation of the bronchial passages that can reduce the flow of air within the lungs. In this case, ivy extract can help boost the immune functions relating to the lungs. Thickness of mucus can also be reduced and the fluid can then be expelled easier.

People who suffer from asthma can benefit from using ivy extract.
People who suffer from asthma can benefit from using ivy extract.

Wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced by using ivy extract in a lotion or ointment. It can hydrate dry areas, thereby eliminating lines while reducing facial tension. There are also ointments that contain ivy extract that can reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Using these types of ointments can help to strengthen bones and reduce inflammation in the joints. If skin is scarred or badly burnt, ivy extract can aid in cell regeneration and healing.

Ivy extract is often used as an anti-aging treatment.
Ivy extract is often used as an anti-aging treatment.

When taken in small doses for short periods of time, there aren’t many negative side effects while using ivy extract. If a child under the age of 10 is using this extract for a respiratory problem, the dosage should be reduced. The saponins can cause nausea and vomiting in children. Pregnant women should not use this extract because it can promote uterine contractions and cause a premature birth. Leaves from the ivy plant should never be handled with bare skin because the leaves can cause severe skin reactions.

Ivy plants used to make extract should not be confused with the poison ivy plant found in North America.
Ivy plants used to make extract should not be confused with the poison ivy plant found in North America.

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Where can I get the best ivy extract to buy?


I am looking for ivy extract to treat my cellulite but I just cannot find it. If anyone can recommend a store or online store i would really appreciate. Thank you. I live in Toronto.


@manykitties2 - Perhaps you should also consult with a dermatologist or naturopath to find a reliable and safe blend of herbal or botanical extracts to use on your skin.

I've been noticing that quite often, the more natural remedies tend to have longer-lasting effects, even though they may not be full advocated by the governmental health departments. Do you think it's still worth it, or better to stick with commercial creams?


@sunshined - How often can you apply ivy extract directly to your skin?

Also, what exactly does the extract contain? I'm curious about why the leaves on their own create such a strong skin reaction but the extract seems to be so beneficial in healing.


@Sara007 - Instead of looking for commercial ivy cream products, try heading to a natural health store. They would most likely have supplies of ivy essential oils or ivy extracts for sale. If you mix in a small amount with some Vitamin E cream, it will ultimately end up being a lot more inexpensive plus you get a purer product without all the chemical additives.


I have a long history of mild bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. After doing some research on some natural alternatives, I ordered some ivy extract tablets to try for this. The tablets have dried ivy leaf extract in them and this makes it very convenient to take on a regular basis.

I also have some liquid ivy extract that I will use to make tea. If I feel like I am coming down with something, I will drink a few cups of tea with this ivy extract in it.

I am always excited when a natural product like this helps with my symptoms. I figure I am not out much by trying something like this and always prefer this over a prescription medication if I get good results.


Ivy extract also works wonderfully in massage creams. Because it has so many healing properties for the skin, I like to add it to all of my creams and lotions.

I buy my bottles of ivy extract online and pour a few drops in just about any cosmetic cream I have. It doesn't take many drops, so one bottle will last quite a long time.

If I have an area of skin that I want some quick healing for, I will apply some ivy extract straight from the bottle. This really helps clear up a problem area very quickly.


When I was trying to find a product that would work to help with cellulite after I had my baby, I saw that some of these creams had ivy extract in them.

Since ivy extract can help tone the skin, it makes a lot of sense why it would be included in a treatment cream for cellulite.

I never have real high hopes when I try something like this, because there have been so many products that don't work as they say they will.

I did see some improvement, and don't know how much the ivy extract helped, but I would use other cosmetic products that include this extract in the future.


@manykitties2 - You should buy some cream with ivy extract in it and try it on your fine lines. I have never seen pure ivy extract available for sale but there are lots of high quality eye creams that you can buy that will take care of your fine lines.

Unfortunately most of the eye creams I have found that utilize ivy extract are pretty pricey, usually around the $50 mark for a small tube. I would give it a go though.

I had fine lines at an early age too and ended up sinking money into a lot of products that didn't do much. Those with ivy extract though seemed to really firm up the skin, leaving it amazingly soft and smooth.


Has anyone ever used ivy extract as a solution for fine lines and wrinkles? Did you find that it drastically improved the look of your skin, and did it have any impact on the texture of your face?

I have started to notice that I am getting fine lines just under my eyes and it is really starting to freak me out. I don't want to look old before my time. I have tried some over the counter wrinkle remedies but the effects seem to be temporary at best.

I am hoping I can find something inexpensive and natural that will help me with my newly formed wrinkles. Nothing is worse than having a youthful face with a few stray lines.

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