What is Irrigation Software?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Irrigation software is software which is used to manage an irrigation system. Software products for irrigation purposes vary widely, from very simple freeware programs which people can use at home to complex systems used in irrigation design in commercial agriculture. Consumers who pay for software also usually receive support and updates as part of the package price, which can include consultation with people who can provide irrigation advice and recommendations.

Irrigation software can be managed wirelessly.
Irrigation software can be managed wirelessly.

There are a number of reasons to choose to use irrigation software to manage an irrigation system. For a big system, software may be the only way to control the system. Software can be used to control when water is turned on and off, how frequently watering occurs, and how much water is delivered at any given time. On a huge farm or large landscaped estate, managing water needs manually or with a restrictive timer system may not be feasible, making software critically important.

Such programs typically include tracking utilities, which keep track of how much water is used, monitor average rain fall, and collect other useful data. This data can be used to adjust the programming, to determine whether or not water efficiency goals are being met, and to identify patterns which may be important to know about. The irrigation software can also be programmed to manage the delivery of liquid fertilizer products.

Irrigation companies which specialize in installing irrigation systems can set up a system which is controllable with software. The software can be installed on a computer system dedicated specifically to management of irrigation, or on the computer core of a smart house which controls a number of functions electronically, creating a single workstation for all tasks related to the house and garden. People can also design and install their own systems and program software independently, if they have irrigation experience.

When browsing irrigation software choices, people may want to think about how the software will be used. A program which can respond to ongoing weather conditions with automatic reprogramming, for example, may be useful. Programs which keep statistics and data can also be valuable, as can programs which interface with moisture sensors and other devices in the field to provide continuous feedback. People may also want to investigate the support options. While software support may not seem critical when an irrigation software product is new, it can help to have people to call if problems emerge.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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