What is Irrational Fear?

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An irrational fear is a type of fear that an individual experiences that does not necessarily have any basis behind it. Many individuals suffer from irrational fear of many different sources, including heights, insects, failure, and other things. In order to overcome irrational fear, the individual should generally try to face the fear as much as possible. Many individuals have to seek professional help in order to overcome this type of fear.

Many people suffer from irrational fears on a daily basis. This type of fear is not necessarily caused by any particular incident. Many people who suffer from this type of fear realize that their level of fear is excessive. Individuals who suffer from this type of fear often do not know why they have the fear but have trouble dealing with it.

Irrational fear often elicits different symptoms in individuals who experience it. For example, the individual might start sweating uncontrollably and get sweaty palms. Many people have panic attacks and hyperventilate when they experience irrational fear. Some people feel so paralyzed by the fear that they cannot move for a certain amount of time. Regardless of what type of physical symptoms show up, they are usually very severe.


In order to overcome irrational fear, an individual may try to confront the problem. Instead of trying to stay away from the item that triggers the fear, he or she will seek it out. Many times, when an individual gets used to the object that creates the fear, he or she will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Many times, individuals build up the fear to have a life of its own. Once the individual puts it in perspective, a great deal of progress can be made.

In some cases, simply facing the fear is not enough to overcome it. These individuals may seek out professional help in order to get past their irrational fear. This can be done by consulting a psychiatrist. Sometimes, individuals have to enter a comprehensive therapy program in order to get past the problem.

Many individuals choose to take medication that has been prescribed by a psychiatrist in order to deal with a fear or the reaction it causes. There are a number of prescription medications that can be taken in order to get past irrational fears. Most of the time, individuals have to take this type of medication on a regular schedule in order to make it effective.


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Post 3

@babylove – I couldn’t agree with you more. Death is the root of all fears. I’ve learned through therapy that the best way to overcome my fear of death was to accept it.

I know that sounds counter-productive, but once I acknowledged my own mortality then I began to accept it and even embrace it.

I was constantly reminded that we are all here on Earth on our own time clock. We all must die someday and there’s nothing we can ever do to change that.

The most important thing is to live and to live our lives with purpose. We are all a legacy to someone whether we know it or not.

I still have occasional panic attacks and the fear creeps in when I least expect it, but I am at peace with it now and my life is mostly filled with joy.

I wish you all a fearless life full of peace and happiness.

Post 2

@bfree - Your brother-in-laws ant theory may be in some way a subconscience irrational fear of death, to be eaten alive by ants.

I have friends with long lists of irrational fears like that one and they truly believe in their fears.

Your right, it isn't something to laugh about because to them their fears and anxieties are very real.

Post 1

My brother-in-law has this crazy irrational fear of ants. He's not afraid of one single ant, but the entire colonization of ants.

His theory is that they are overpopulating underground and devising a plan to kill off all other living species so they can dominate the world.

I tease him about it all the time but I know, to him, it's no laughing matter.

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