What is Ionized Water?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Ionized water is drinking water that has undergone a process known as ionization. Essentially, this process segregates the acid and alkaline content found in H2O. This division is achieved by subjecting the water to electrolysis, taking advantage of the naturally occurring electric charge found within magnesium and calcium ions. When successfully ionized, this type of drinking water can help enhance the ability of the blood to carry oxygen and also assist in neutralizing free radicals in the bloodstream.

Ionized water can help relieve dry skin.
Ionized water can help relieve dry skin.

It is important to note that not all types of water can be ionized. Distilled water products, as well as water that has undergone reverse osmosis, will not respond well to the electrolysis and the effect on the separation of the alkaline and acid content will be negligible.

Electrolosis is used to ionize water, which assists the blood's oxygen flow and the neutralization of free radicals.
Electrolosis is used to ionize water, which assists the blood's oxygen flow and the neutralization of free radicals.

There appear to be several benefits to using ionized water. Proponents claim that it can provide hydration that is in the range of three to six times the hydration capability of other types of water. This may be especially helpful in correcting dehydration quickly and safely.

Ionized water has undergone a process that segregates acid and alkaline content.
Ionized water has undergone a process that segregates acid and alkaline content.

These enhanced hydration abilities also allows the water to help improve various types of skin conditions. It can help restore moisture balance in the event of sunburns or the development of rough dry skin. Any itching or flaking that may have accompanied the dryness should also begin to decrease.

Ionized water can help soothe a sunburn.
Ionized water can help soothe a sunburn.

Ionized water also provides a benefit that is also associated with the intake of vitamins such as C, A, and E. The treated water has the ability to carry oxygen infused with an additional electron. It is this added electron that helps to give it the increased capacity to seek out and effectively prevent free radicals from making the body more receptive to different diseases. That extra electron also helps to prevent premature aging. As a result, the body may function at a higher rate of efficiency and the individual may enjoy more energy on a daily basis.

There is also some evidence that the use of ionized water can help improve the taste of food. This is why many commercial food producers use it in the manufacturing process for their products.

While there is some difference of opinion on how effective this water actually is, there is enough evidence to merit continued exploration of what can be done using the ionization process. In the interim, there is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence from people who claim to have reversed various ailments by discontinuing the use of distilled and other drinking waters and using only water that has been ionized.

There is anecdotal evidence that ionized water is healthier for drinking than distilled and other types of water.
There is anecdotal evidence that ionized water is healthier for drinking than distilled and other types of water.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Ionized water is certainly very good for your health. There have been many claims that it is fake and does not help you in any way, but those claims have no scientific evidence. Some of the world's best scientists even claim that it id good for your health, and I even know of a person who miraculously recovered from a deadly disease (cancer) just by drinking ionized water.


As I read this article and the responses, a few things occurred to me:

To speak of “acid” or “alkaline” water is to indicate a misunderstanding of the meaning of the terms. Water is the substance that is used as a reference in establishing the PH scale. Water is not measured as being neutral PH it is instead neutral by definition. Other solutions are acid or alkaline only in comparison to water and in no other manor.

In terms of ionizing water, you can run a current through it with difficulty (if it is pure, more easily if it is not), and there is no “water ion” or “ionized water” produced as water is electrically neutral. Put differently in order for any electric potential induced (ionization) and maintained internally to a portion of water would require a mechanism to maintain this potential or it would collapse through the conductivity of the water itself. Water molecules, being neutral, are not candidates. If you run enough current the molecules themselves disassociate molecularly and you get separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules and the water itself is destroyed.

In science, anecdotal evidence isn't evidence


There are no proven scientific studies that have shown ionized water gives actual therapeutic gains. The claims by all of these so-called experts are nothing more than snake-oil salesmen.


I understand that alkaline water with a high PH is good for you. But it seems that there is a lot of confusing about the ionized water.

I know there are units which, by a filtering process, can produce high PH alkaline water. Does anyone have any references that ionized water is bad?

I saw three studies that were done in Japan on pregnant mice or rats where they gave them tap water versus ionized water, and the ionized water had cancerous effects on both the mother and also on the siblings when given the same, tap water verses ionized. However, the references I read which I believe to be true, were directed to me by Aqualiv Water System which uses filtering units with no ionizing of the water. So their stand is against ionized water.


I have heard of people being treated for diabetes and post stroke victims have miraculous recovery rates.

these are friends who swear by it.


An aerobics instructor has been drinking ionized water exclusively to maintain hydration. She was recently admitted hospital for rhabdomyolysis and had dangerously high potassium levels and muscle pain in her hips, along with extreme fatigue.

Now this is a girl in good physical shape. After a diagnosis was made, her doctor mentioned that she was one of about five who had recently been diagnosed with this serious disorder, and the thing that they had in common was that their drink of choice was the ionized water.

Of course, no studies have yet linked the two, but please be careful; our city is not that big and it seems too coincidental. I think I'll stick to plain old tap water, thank you very much!


Thanks for your info. The health benefits of ionized water vary with the type of water consumed. With so much money chasing this market, it's difficult to get accurate info on the subject. I always look to Nature as the best solution to any question. Is ionized water created in nature? If it's stabilized with minerals then it is, if it's electrolyzed then it's not stable or natural.


Yes, the Japanese live longer. Don't forget they just don't drink the water and live longer. They eat more fish and sea food with amino fatty acids, seaweed full of antioxidants, etc. Its more than drinking water out of a machine based on MLM marketing. LOL. If it was that good. people would do it for free to help others. Instead others (mlm) are helping themselves to our hard earned money. Scam.


The Japanese people have been using water ionizers for many years now, both in hospitals, and in the home.

They are the longest living people as a group on the planet. Hmm. Connection?

Ask Doctor Shinya, co-investor of the colonoscopy if alkaline water is a myth. In his book "The Enzyme Factor" he states that after treating people for cancer, he puts them on a special diet, and they must drink alkaline water. He has had a 0 percent (meaning none!) recurrence of cancer when they follow his diet.


He's high profile (just look him up - he's there!), and he espouses alkaline water.

Just leave me my Enagic SD501 machine, and I'll drink to my health!


I think that while ionized water does offer some very obvious benefits, charcoal-filtered water tastes much better. I use water filters to cut the chlorine content out of our local tap water and charcoal is the only thing I have found to do this well.

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