What is Ion Therapy?

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There are various types of ion therapy, but all of them aim to rid the body of toxins while preventing new ones from entering the system. Toxins come from nearly every aspect of daily life, including food, the air, and medications and other things used on the body. Heating systems and air conditioning are also to blame, because they produce high quantities of positively charged ions. Ion therapy can be aimed at both the environment to neutralize the positive ions in the air, or at the body.

One type of ion therapy comes in the form of a foot soak. The device used looks much like any other foot bath, but it becomes charged and an electrical current with negative ions inside flows through the water. This charge is thought to pull toxins out of the body through the pores of the feet. Although larger versions of this type of therapy may be used, the feet are the primary area for home use because the pores are large and numerous, which some say allows more toxins to escape.


The idea behind this type of ion therapy is similar to the way in which a sauna works. Temperatures inside both steam and dry saunas become very hot, thus making anyone inside sweat. Toxins exit through the sweat and leave the body. Ion therapy targeted at the body works the same way, but instead of inducing sweat, it pulls toxins out via an electric current. While toxins are being released, positive ions in the body are also neutralized so that they can’t cause harm.

Ion therapy which targets the air can come in many forms, generally through a heating or air conditioning unit, or air purifier. Induction heat, for example, is considered capable of producing negative ions and emitting them through the air. This allows them to neutralize any positive ions within a certain area, creating healthier air. They also neutralize or destroy many airborne particles like bacteria and some allergens.

There are many symptoms associated with positive ion overexposure. They can include fatigue, rapid or irregular heart rate, allergies, and other serious conditions like cancer. While negative ion therapy is still in its early years, it has been proven effective in studies as well as with consumers who report feeling better after employing the therapy techniques. Ion therapy works better when combined with a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise. Results can also be enhanced by using heating and air conditioning units that do not emit positive ions.


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