What is Involved in Vinyl Fencing Prices?

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Vinyl fencing prices are largely dependent on the amount of material needed and how detailed the builder wants to get with the finishing elements. If the fencing is being delivered and installed by professionals, there will also be added expenses for delivery and labor. Some colors come standard and will not largely affect vinyl fencing prices, but others may need to be custom ordered, which could be significantly more expensive.

The most basic elements considered when looking at vinyl fencing prices is the materials list. Vinyl fencing requires the use of posts that serve as the vertical supports for the rest of the fence. In addition to the posts, vinyl fencing also has top rails and bottom rails, which hold into place the individual pickets, which must also be purchased. In some cases, purchasing posts will also include, at no additional charge, caps for the post. If post caps are not included, or the builder wants a different design, the price may be affected as well.


After the basic materials are determined, the other major factor in determining vinyl fencing prices is to figure out how many of the materials are needed. Doing this first requires measuring the space where the fence will be installed. After that, look at how much each section will cover. Most vinyl fencing is designed to be put together in 8-foot (2.44 m) sections so two posts and two rails span that width. Pickets may vary in width, but it generally takes nine per section.

Once the owner has decided on materials, the other big factor affecting vinyl fencing prices is the cost of labor, if having a fencing company or contractor do the work. Labor costs can often double the total cost of the job, but can help to ensure a professional job is done right the first time. Others may want to save money and work on it themselves. This is largely a personal choice that depends on how comfortable the individual is with large home improvement-type projects.

If the materials are being delivered to the job site, then expect an additional charge for that as well. Some home improvement retailers may offer free delivery within a certain geographic area, so it may be worth checking around. If so, that could be a cost efficient way to get the material to where it is needed free from damage.

The other factor influencing vinyl fencing prices are those finishing touches. This includes colors, texture, picket design, post cap design, and any gates that may be added to the project. Gates require a specific type of hardware, including latches and hinges, in order to operate properly, and prices will vary widely depending upon which options are chosen.


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