What Is Involved in Medical Device Assembly?

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Medical device assembly involves taking manufactured components of medical devices like wheelchairs, stethoscopes, and surgical equipment, and combining them together to create a finished product that can be used or sold. Since the nature of medical devices varies considerably, there are many things involved in assembling them. Some devices can be put together easily, while others need complicated equipment, products, and tools. There are companies available that can assemble medical devices to the correct specifications required before they can be sold or used. Assembly requires that the products follow regulations by the governing body in the jurisdiction, as medical devices are used for surgery, diagnosis, and therapy.

Certain medical device assembly must take place under specific circumstances, depending on the regulations of the governing body in the area where the product is being manufactured. Examples of regulations include assembling the devices in a sterile environment, using special air filters to ensure that allergens are removed from the air, and utilizing specific products for assembly. Companies interested in becoming involved with medical device assembly should check with the local government in their jurisdiction before beginning work, to ensure that standards are met and followed.


In medical device assembly, different materials are used to connect components together. These materials must be chosen according to regulations by the local government. If there are no specifications, the right materials for a specific device must be found. These materials include such things as adhesives, screws, and welding tools and equipment. The proper materials for a specific device depends a lot on the various parts that need to be assembled in order for a device to be functional. For example, a wheelchair has many different parts that have to be attached to each other using specialized materials in order for it to work properly and meet regulations.

There are companies available that offer medical device assembly for a variety of products. If a manufacturer of medical device components does not have the right tools or equipment to assemble devices itself, it should consider going to a company that specializes in the process. Certain devices are simple to assemble and can be done by the manufacturer with a few tools and materials. Engineers of the products should be involved in the assembly process, as they are able to look at the materials and determine the best way to put them together. Medical device assembly must be done appropriately to prevent the product from failing in an important medical situation.


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