What is Involved in Marketing Strategy Development?

Erin J. Hill

Marketing strategy development can involve several things that allow businesses to target and sell items to consumers. These can include market research, development, advertising, and sales. Each aspect of marketing strategy development is important for the overall success of any marketing campaign.

Marketing strategy development often involves a dedicated sales team made up of hardworking individuals.
Marketing strategy development often involves a dedicated sales team made up of hardworking individuals.

Market research and development are generally the first steps in any marketing strategy. In order to create products and services that consumers will want to pay for, a company must first find out what those consumers need. Polls and surveys may be taken to find out customer likes and dislikes, and to gain a better understanding of what products are needed to meet consumer needs.

The development portion of this process involves the creation of new products that will meet consumer demands. After all, marketing strategy development is only necessary if there is a compelling product or service to sell. Without a good product, all the advertising hype in the world will not help a company succeed on a long-term scale.

Once the product has been developed, the next part of marketing strategy development is generally advertising. Before salespeople can go out and sell an item, advertising professionals help to display the product in an appealing light. Copywriters, graphic designers, webmasters, and campaign strategists work together to create eye-catching and informative marketing materials. Examples of these include brochures, sales letters, and websites.

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The key to creating effective advertising materials is to use the information gathered by the research and development teams to point out the aspects of a product that consumers will benefit from. For instance, a company who sells children’s sleeping bags aren’t really selling a soft fleece lining; they are selling security and comfort while the child is away from home. Insight into the consumer’s way of thinking and highlighting the most important points to him or her is the best way to make a sale.

Finally, marketing strategy development involves the actual sales process. Websites and advertising materials, such as sales letters, may help drive some sales on their own. However, nothing can take the place of a dedicated sales team made up of hardworking individuals. Salespeople are trained in the art of using advertising materials and personal experience to convince consumers that a product is needed and worth the cost.

All of these factors come together to create a full marketing strategy. Without each one, the campaign would likely fall short of its goals and sales would probably be lost. It takes a whole team of trained and skilled professionals to put all of these forces together and ensure the success of a campaign.

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