What Is Involved in Global Community Development?

Esther Ejim

The question of the definition of global community development is one that may elicit various answers from different groups due to the fact that it is highly dependent on the aim or vision of the group for global community development. Usually, people form groups with the same goals and visions regarding global community development, and they see the process of developing the global community as one that is linked to their particular take on the subject. The central theme, however, is the carrying out of projects aimed at addressing a perceived need in the global community through the direct activities of such groups. Most of these groups are often Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with defined visions and goals regarding their view of areas in the global community that require development. To this end, the quest for global community development is one that may be achieved through the concerted and combined efforts of like-minded people or organizations with the common aim of using their activities to bring about the development of the global community.

Some global community development programs emphasize the importance of women's education.
Some global community development programs emphasize the importance of women's education.

One of the areas that is often addressed in the efforts toward global community development is the hunger in some less-fortunate parts of the world, or even some parts of the developed community. Part of world development would include efforts to ensure that members of the global community have access to food, which is usually achieved through an assessment of the particular community with the aim of applying the best method toward meeting this aim. This might mean addressing the core issues that may be the cause of the widespread hunger in that area. For instance, if the hunger is due to the presence of war in the area, then the best way to address the issue of hunger would be to look for ways of brokering peace in the region since no meaningful agriculture can take place where people are living fear. Even the efforts by the larger global community toward restoring peace in that area are still part of the global community development.

Another area that may be included in the efforts targeted toward global community development is the area of education development and other efforts aimed toward achieving such development. In order to achieve this, concerted efforts will be made by the concerned groups toward ensuring that the identified areas will benefit from the expertise of the more developed communities. This may be achieved through building schools, training teachers, and supplying students in the area with donated school materials.

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