What is Involved in Fixing a Windshield Crack?

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When fixing a windshield crack, the car's owner will need a windshield repair kit which includes the resin for repairing the crack along with the necessary tools to apply it. The owner places the included tool over the crack, and suction cups hold it in place on the windshield. Next he fills the crack with a clear resin and allows it to dry. Once it has dried completely, the owner removes the tool and checks to see if the crack is less visible. If the crack is still noticeable, he can repeat the treatment as necessary to fill it in and smooth it out.

Cracked windshield repair kits will only work for small thin cracks and work best on little dings or holes in the windshield. Larger cracks may not disappear regardless of how many treatments the owner applies. The best option for fixing a deep or long windshield crack, or one that does not respond to the treatment, is to take it to a professional to have the windshield fixed or replaced.


To start the process of fixing a windshield crack, the owner needs to remove any loose glass and other debris inside the crack. A small razor blade works for gently scraping out the crack. The windshield should then be washed down to remove loose particles and glass shards. Next the owner should remove the tools from his kit for fixing a windshield crack and should check the instructions, as each kit may differ slightly. The main tool with the suction cups should be positioned over the crack so the crack is visible when looking through the open center of the tool.

Once the tool is in position and firmly attached, the owner then applies the resin into the center of the hole. The kit may come with other tools for properly applying the resin and removing air bubbles once applied. To finish fixing a windshield crack, the owner only needs to let the car set in a warm, dry area and wait for the resin to harden.

The resin will harden into a thick, clear mass that will stay firmly stuck in the crack of the windshield. After removing the application tool, the owner can decide if another coat of resin is necessary. Deeper cracks may need this extra coat to completely fill them. If the windshield repair kit is unsuccessful at fixing a windshield crack, the owner should have a professional look at the cracked windshield and should let the mechanic know that he attempted to fix it with a resin kit.


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Post 2

I might consider getting my own windshield crack repair kit to fix a small windshield chip, but anything larger than that I'll leave to professionals. My insurance will cover the windshield replacement cost, so I would rather know it was repaired correctly rather than try it myself and fail. Those spider cracks often start spreading if you don't fix a windshield crack completely the first time.

Post 1

If I had known how easy it was to fix a small windshield crack, I would have gladly gone to an auto supply store and bought the repair kit. Instead, I let a tiny crack turn into a much bigger crack because I thought a professional would charge me too much for the repair. I think it started when a piece of gravel fell off the truck ahead of me, but it didn't seem to be that bad at the time. It got a lot worse, and a police officer warned me about getting it repaired.

I ended up getting the entire windshield replaced, which was a lot more expensive than what the auto store was charging for the auto glass repair kit.

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