What Is Involved in ATV Shipping?

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The process of shipping an all terrain vehicle (ATV) typically involves entering into a contract with a carrier, conforming to its specific procedures and then paying for the service. Some carriers include a certain amount of insurance with the cost of ATV shipping, while others allow the owner to purchase supplemental coverage. Inspections are usually carried out before and after shipping so that any damage during transit will be well documented. It can also be a good idea to check into any local laws or regulations that govern ATV shipping in both the home and destination jurisdictions. If the ATV has been sold, it is usually recommended to send the keys and title documents separately by certified mail or a traditional parcel carrier.

There are a few different reasons to ship an all terrain vehicle, so the exact process of ATV shipping can vary from one situation to another. One reason that people choose to ship their ATVs is to gain access to various trails and wilderness areas. Rather than towing their ATVs to these locations, many people choose to ship them instead. In this type of situation, where the owner of the vehicle is both the shipper and receiver, it is a good idea to coordinate with a carrier regarding transit time. That can allow the ATV to be shipped ahead of time so the owner of the vehicle can be on hand to receive it once he has reached his destination.


After pickup and delivery times have been established, an ATV shipping contract will usually be signed. This contract will stipulate the costs associated with shipping, the agreed upon pickup and delivery dates and other relevant information. The ATV will then be inspected by both the owner and the carrier prior to shipping so that any existing damage can be noted. Another inspection typically takes place at the time of delivery. In most cases the owner of the ATV can also assign someone else to be present for pickup, delivery or both.

The other main reason to ship an ATV is if it has been sold to someone who cannot take possession of it in person. Either the buyer or seller can arrange for this type of ATV shipping, though it is usually the responsibility of the new owner. Most carriers allow small objects to be left in the saddle bags and keys to be strapped to the handlebars, but they typically will not take responsibility if these items are stolen during transit. An alternative is to send the keys and title by certified mail or an overnight shipping company.


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