What Is Involved in Armpit Liposuction?

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Armpit liposuction removes fat deposits from under the arm. There are several methods to liposuction, some involving the use of lasers, ultrasound or injected solutions. Bulges in the armpit may include excess skin and breast tissue, which may need to be removed separately, in addition to liposuction.

Both men and women can get fat deposits under the arm. Dieting may help reduce the bulge, but it is impossible to target fat loss to any specific area of the body. Armpit liposuction and other cosmetic surgery can easily remove these unsightly lumps. Liposuction is typically best for those who are at or near their ideal weight. Loose skin in the area can sometimes be loosened further, requiring surgery to remove it.

Tumescent liposuction is a good option for armpit liposuction, and does not require general anesthesia or sedation. It involves the injection of a combination of saline, the local anesthetic lidocaine and adrenaline in the form of a drug called epinephrine, which constricts the blood vessels. Once the solution has been injected and given time to take effect, a small hole is made in the skin through which a small tube is passed. Suction is then used to remove the fat. The small holes do not require stitches and usually do not leave scars.


Vaser-ultrasonic liposuction is another type that does not require general anesthesia or sedation. This method uses the same injected solution as the tumescent method. Instead of just vacuuming out the fat, a probe with high-frequency ultrasound is used to break up the fat cells. The cells mix with the injected fluid, and then a small tube is placed and suction applied. The vaser-ultrasonic method is good for small areas, including the armpit.

A third type is laser liposuction. Local anesthetic is used, and a small tube fitted with a laser is inserted into the armpit bulge through a small incision. The laser melts the fat, which is then drained through small incisions or suctioned away. This method can allow tightening of the skin, which is beneficial for older patients.

Another type of armpit liposuction used is done to treat excessive sweating, removing some of the sweat glands instead of targeting fat. The availability of sweat is reduced, alleviating symptoms. Other types of liposuction are available, and usually a consultation with a plastic surgeon is the best way to find out about the newest methods. Patients preferring a certain method should search for doctors in their area that specialize in that method.


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Post 3

Armpit liposuction is a fairly simple procedure and it doesn't cause too many side effect. Some people complain of flab but that has nothing to do with liposuction. Flab is made of loose muscle, not fat or skin!

Post 2

@ysmina-- I can't really say anything because everyone is different and your doctor is the best person to tell you whether you will benefit from an armpit liposuction or not.

I had mine done six months ago and I had good results with it. My arms look considerably smaller. I do have some scarring but it's not very bad. I did experience a lot of swelling, redness and soreness the first several months though. If my scars don't fade by the one year mark, my doctor said that I can get laser treatment done to fade them.

I personally don't regret getting the procedure but I know that there have been people who have not had good results

with theirs. My friend had several liposuction surgeries after me and you can't even tell that she had armpit liposuction.

Like I said, you need to discuss with your doctor if you are likely to get good results considering your body type and weight tendencies. You should also talk about where incisions will be made and how much scarring you should expect.

Post 1

I want to get an armpit liposuction. I have armpit fat and no amount of exercise or dieting is getting rid of it. I think armpit liposuction is a good option but I've heard from several people who had the procedure that it causes severe scarring. They have regretted getting it done.

Has anyone here had armpit liposuction? Did you experience permanent scarring? Would you recommend the procedure to me?

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