What Is Internet Recruiting?

Whitney Leigh White

Through Internet recruiting, many small and large businesses alike have the ability to find and hire on employees from all over the world. Recruiting employees through the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses go about finding talented employees. This type of recruitment provides advantageous opportunities that, at one time, were not possible to both employers and job seekers. There are certain elements of Internet recruiting that must be understood for it to be effective, and it is important for all businesses to know that there are limitations to this type of recruitment.

Recruiting employees through the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses go about finding talent.
Recruiting employees through the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses go about finding talent.

When job seekers use Internet recruiting websites, they are usually provided with an abundance of job opportunities based on a variety of parameters selected by the user. These opportunities provide a detailed job description of the open position as well as pertinent information about the company offering the job. Most descriptions include the title of the open position, location, salary, benefits, and job duties.

Before employment websites were used via the Internet, recruitment opportunities were at a minimum for job seekers all around the world. Only large businesses took place in recruitment processes, and, most times, these recruitment activities were held at various on-campus sites. After the advent of employment websites, job seekers became able to seek domestic and global job opportunities right from the comfort of any computer with an Internet connection. Businesses of all sizes extremely benefit from this type of recruitment, as it allows them to reach talented job seekers all around the world. Through recruitment on the Internet, businesses are able to not only reach job seekers, but most also allow people to actually apply online for a job position.

In order for any business to effectively use Internet recruiting, there are several elements it needs to understand. First, it should understand that this type of recruiting is not intended to replace traditional recruitment techniques, nor can it. Any time a business posts its open positions on an employment website, it should conduct research on the site to ensure that it is partnering with a credible recruitment company. Posting job positions on a job employment site does often cost money, so businesses should always create a budget for their recruitment activities.

Even though Internet recruiting provides businesses and job seekers with advantageous opportunities, it does have its limitations. This type of recruiting cannot help management in the selection of applicants, such as conducting face-to-face interviews, and cannot perform background checks either. Internet recruiting also causes many organizations to become overwhelmed with resumes and applications. Businesses that only utilize this form of recruitment often find they miss out on qualified applicants due to some people being wary of applying for a job over the Internet for confidentiality reasons.

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@irontoenail - That is one reason I try to spread a wide net when it comes to job hunting. There are a lot of reasonable opportunities online, but I feel like there are even more through conventional channels and it's more likely that they are going to be legitimate, because it takes more money and effort to advertise offline than it does to advertise online.


@Ana1234 - In my experience, those tend to be pretty easy to spot. I am always more worried about people who take advantage of freelancers. It's all too easy to do a whole lot of time consuming work for someone and then end up without being properly compensated for your efforts.

And there are so many people out there willing to work for tiny amounts because the exchange rate in their country makes it worth their while. It just makes it more and more difficult to earn a living.


The other side of this coin is that it is also a lot easier for people to post fraudulent job opportunities. If you get unsolicited emails saying that they might have a job for you, then be careful, particularly if they want all your details before sending you any information. There are all kinds of ways those details can be used to get money out of you.

Remember if something is too good to be true, it often is. There are a lot of predators out there hoping to take advantage of desperate people.

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