What is Internet Conferencing?

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The evolution of the internet has changed the transfer of information immensely. It is no surprise that conference calls have moved from the traditional telephone to the internet as well. In fact, businesses are increasingly switching to internet conferencing so they can take advantage of reduced travel and telephone costs. This savings in expenses translates to better time management and enhanced productivity.

Internet conferencing works in much the same way as traditional teleconferencing. During an internet conference call, the participants will sit at their respective offices while being connected to each other through the internet. Participants can use web-based applications, which require them to enter a uniform resource locator (URL) to enter the conference call at the designated time. Depending on the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software that you choose, you can have as many as 25 participants online participating in the web meeting.

There are a number of options online that provide downloadable software that will let you host a conference call at little or no cost. You can share information, files, video, and audio during an internet conference call as well. To start an internet conference, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and specific software, such as an instant messenger, to start communicating. You could use a microphone and a webcam if you want to use a video/audio conferencing option.


Most companies spend significant amounts of money on traveling to and from meetings, but given an alternative method of communication that is as effective as inperson conferences, most are willing to switch. Internet conferencing can integrate video and web conferencing capabilities, thereby taking virtual meetings to a new level. Internet conferencing facilities can also be accessed to collaborate with various teams in a company; to deliver presentations; to host small-scale or large-scale seminars, to connect with technical support or to engage in synchronized web sharing.

The advantages of internet conferencing are multiple and aid small and established business alike. Conferencing service providers can be found via a quick internet search.


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Web conferencing or internet conferencing is about sharing the presenter's screen with a group of attendees using hosted services such as WebEx, gotomeeting, gomeetnow, R-HUB web conferencing servers etc.

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It is a very good article regarding what is internet conferencing, how companies cut traveling costs using various internet conferencing tools, for e.g. WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting, etc., and the advantages of internet conferencing and so on.

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