What is Instant Cocoa?

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Instant cocoa is a powdered mix that can be bought or made and is used to add a hot liquid, such as water or milk, to it in order to make a drink such as hot chocolate. Different types of chocolate and cocoa can be used in these types of mixes, and they can be purchased in most areas fairly inexpensively. Such mixes can also be made quite easily, and may be given in some type of jar or decorated container as a gift, especially for holidays during cold months. Instant cocoa can utilize a number of different ingredients and the preparation of such mixes into a beverage can also take many different forms.

Commercially manufactured cocoa mix typically comes in either pre-measured envelopes or in larger tins for a sturdier container. These types of mix usually use cocoa powder, often from milk chocolate, though dark chocolate is also often available, and typically include some type of powdered milk. Hot water or milk can then be added to the powder and the mixture is stirred until fully incorporated and smooth.


Homemade instant cocoa is also quite inexpensive and, with a nice presentation, can make a very thoughtful and unique gift. Cocoa powder is typically the principal ingredient, and some type of powdered milk and sugar are usually added as well. Non-sugar sweeteners and non-dairy powdered creamers can be used to make an instant cocoa mix for people with special dietary concerns, such as diabetics or people with lactose intolerance. Powdered chocolate pudding mix can also be added to such cocoa mixes to give a somewhat smoother, almost velvety texture to the hot chocolate.

In preparing instant cocoa, hot water or milk are traditional for making the hot beverage, but other types of liquids can be used as well. Skim milk is often a preferable addition rather than regular milk, for anyone looking to keep fat content low. Hot coffee is also an excellent addition to instant cocoa, as the resulting drink is similar to chocolate-flavored coffees available at expensive caf├ęs and coffee shops.

Powdered instant coffee can also be added to the mix itself before adding water, to make a similarly flavorful beverage. Some people also use mint sticks or candy canes to stir their hot chocolate, to add a subtle mint flavor to the drink. Melted caramel can also be spooned in to create a deeper and more complex flavor.


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Post 3

After Christmas it seems we always have an abundance of candy canes around the house. One of our favorite ways to use up these candy canes is with some hot chocolate cocoa.

There is something about the combination of cocoa and peppermint that tastes wonderful together. Nothing satisfies on a cold day quite like a warm cup of cocoa and we go through quite a bit of it during the winter.

Post 2

I have a family recipe for instant cocoa that is very easy and inexpensive to make. I always keep a batch of this mixed up during the winter.

Anytime my kids have been outside playing in the snow, the first thing they want when they come inside is some hot cocoa.

You can either heat up the water in the microwave or on the stove. Either way it doesn't take very long. If you want your cocoa to be a little richer, I will even add some milk to it and this helps cool it down if it is too hot to drink right away. Sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon in the drink is delicious too.

Post 1

Whenever we go camping in the mountains, we always take along some packets of Swiss Miss instant cocoa. The evenings can become quite cool even in the summer, and this always hits the spot. We will heat our water up on the fire and have a nice, hot drink within a few minutes.

You can even buy packets that have miniature marshmallows in them which my kids just love. If I am at home, I like to just put one big marshmallow in and let it melt, but when you are camping and don't have much room, these packets work best.

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