What is Inner Thigh Liposuction?

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Inner thigh liposuction is a liposuction procedure intended to remove fatty deposits from the inner thighs and, sometimes, the inner knees. This type of liposuction is generally considered suitable for men and women who wish to reshape their inner thighs and knees, but it is not considered a weight-loss surgery. Inner thigh liposuction can successfully remove fatty tissue deposits from the inner thigh, to leave the inner thigh permanently slimmer in appearance. Liposuction typically removes fat cells from the treatment area, so there is little chance that fatty deposits will return to the inner thighs after liposuction is performed. Weight gain can still occur on other parts of the body, however, so this procedure is recommended for patients who have a relatively stable body weight.


It can be difficult to reduce the size of fatty deposits on the inner thighs through diet and exercise alone. Many women and men seek inner thigh liposuction to re-shape the inner thighs and knees when diet and exercise alone have not helped burn fat off in that area. Cosmetic surgeons typically prefer to perform this procedure on patients who enjoy a healthy body weight, who exercise regularly, and who eat a healthy diet. Surgeons believe that patients with skin that retains its natural elasticity are the best candidates for this procedure. Patients with naturally elastic skin will experience better results after recovery, with less sagging and drooping in the treatment area, since supple skin is generally better able to adhere to the new body shape.

Small cannulae are usually used to remove fatty tissue from the inner thigh area. The inner thigh area is generally considered a smaller treatment area, and removing fat from this area via liposuction generally requires some amount of precision. Most surgeons find that smaller cannulae allow for a more thorough inner thigh liposuction, with less pain, bruising, and other general skin damage.

Most patients are able to return to work and light physical exertion within a few days of the inner thigh liposuction procedure. Cosmetic surgeons often recommend that patients resume walking and performing light physical tasks immediately following the procedure, since this can promote blood flow to the area and help speed healing. Most patients have recovered enough to return to all normal activities after about six weeks. While the result of inner thigh liposuction may begin to be visible two weeks after surgery, full results may not appear until as long as six months following the procedure.


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