What is Informatics Software?

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Informatics software is software which has been designed to help people manage information. This type of software is usually geared towards a specific application of informatics, such as medical informatics. Numerous software companies make informatics software and provide support, including regular updates with new material and fixes for problems which have been identified by users, for their products. For very specific applications, people may order customized software products which have been designed for a particular system or need.

The field of informatics is very broad. It includes the development of methods to store and retrieve information, along with tools to process and analyze that information so that it is useful. Informatics can be used in a number of scientific environments to organize data and express it in meaningful ways. It can also be utilized to keep track of data in other settings, ranging from libraries to college admissions departments.


Good informatics software is flexible and powerful. It provides a number of ways for users to organize information so that it can be kept in a way which makes sense for the application, and it has the power to retrieve information in a variety of ways as well. The software is typically designed to be accessible for multiple users, so that many people can access information through the same software. For example, in a scientific laboratory, researchers would share data through their informatics software, and the software would allow people to do everything from entering raw data to performing statistical analysis.

Data management is an increasingly challenging and complex field. Successful software products are usually updated on a regular basis to keep up with developments in informatics and to address evolving needs. Specialized informatics software for applications such as medical records management, business management, laboratory science, and scientific research is available. Some companies also sell expansions for their products, allowing users to start with a basic software suite and customize it for their needs.

Companies which sell informatics software may offer trial demonstrations for people who are interested in their products, to give consumers a chance to determine whether or not a software product will work for them. Demonstrations are also available on the floor of trade shows and other industry events. Because informatics software can be very costly and it can be challenging to switch systems if a program doesn't meet the needs of users, consumers are usually very careful about testing and evaluating software so that they can the confident that they are purchasing the right product.


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