What is Industrial Advertising?

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Also known as business to business or b2b advertising, industrial advertising is the strategy of attracting the attention of another business and convincing that company to purchase the goods and services offered by another business. This type of advertising will likely use all the normal forms of generating publicity, including the placement of print ads in appropriate periodicals, direct mail campaigns, and any other means that is likely to produce the desired sales. Industrial advertising is common within just about every profession or industry type, and helps to meet the demand for a wide range of items that are necessary to conducting business within that industry.

With an industrial advertising situation, the key component is to provide something that a particular business needs in order to function. For example, a business that produces raw olefin fiber will seek to attract the attention of a business that refines various man-made and natural fibers for the creation of upholstery for furniture, car seats, and other objects. In terms of services, a telephone company will want to attract the attention of businesses that operate call centers, and require a number of inbound and outbound telephone lines for that call center.


The exact strategies used in an industrial advertising campaign will vary somewhat, depending on the nature of the industry involved. Print ads in trade magazines related to the industry are one common approach. The ads are often geared to attract the attention of decision-makers within other companies, and motivate them to seek out more information about what the producer can offer in the way of quality goods or services. To reinforce these ads in trade magazines, the same basic format may be used for a direct mail piece that is sent out to those same decision-makers. The same basic text and graphics may also be the basis for a targeted email advertising campaign, with the emails sent only to individuals who have indicated through some third party that they are interested in receiving emails of that type.

Just about any type of products can be marketed to other businesses. In manufacturing circles, promoting raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and the parts needed to keep that equipment operational are often the focus of b2b or industrial advertising. In like manner, communications services, network systems support, business travel support, and all sorts of services are promoted as part of an advertising campaign. There are even businesses that specialize in designing promotional materials for other businesses, such as giveaway items for use at conventions and other gatherings, or for distribution among existing and prospective clients. If a company needs a certain good or service in order to enhance the productivity of the operation, there is certain to be other companies who have what they need, and are actively advertising in different mediums that the company is certain to make use of on a regular basis.


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