What is Included in a Tire and Rim Package?

Dan Cavallari

A tire and rim package will generally include the tire, wheel, and necessary hardware to mount the combination to a vehicle. In some cases, the tire and rim package will not include mounting hardware such as lug nuts. The specifics of the tire and rim package will vary according to manufacturer as well as according to the type of vehicle on which it will be mounted. A bicycle package, for example, may include just a rim, or it may include the rim, spokes, and hub that make up the wheel. The tire may be mounted to this assembly. Car packages may only include the tire and the rim alone.

Tire and rim packages typically come with at least the tire and the wheel as well as the hardware needed to install both.
Tire and rim packages typically come with at least the tire and the wheel as well as the hardware needed to install both.

The rim is the metal component to which the tire is mounted. The term "rim" and the term "wheel" are sometimes interchangeable, but not always; on a bicycle, for example, the rim is one part of the wheel. On a car, the rim and the tire together may be considered the wheel. A tire and rim package, therefore, will consist of different components depending on the application.

On higher end tire and rim package deals, the lug nuts may be included. This is to ensure a consistent aesthetic, and to make sure high quality lug nuts are used to secure the wheel to the vehicle. Some motorcycle tire and rim package deals also include the brake rotor; this piece of metal is mounted to the wheel or hub, and it is used as part of the braking system. Inclusion of such a component will often add extra cost to the package.

The tools necessary to mount the tires to the rims, and the wheels to the vehicle are very often not included with the tire and rim package. Automobile tires require expensive and bulky equipment for mounting onto the rim, and special wrenches are necessary to tighten the wheel's lug nuts once the wheel is mounted to the vehicle. Bicycle tires can sometimes be mounted to a rim by hand, but very often special tools called tire levers will be necessary. These tools are generally not part of a tire and rim package.

Mounting components are not included in the package, nor are valve cores in some cases. Automobile wheels require a valve core so air can be pumped into the tires; these cores are inexpensive, and they may or may not be included in the package. If they are not, such cores can usually be purchased at an auto parts store or mechanic's garage.

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