What is Implantology?

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Implantology is a broad term that includes many types of restorative surgery and procedures. Utilized mainly in the field of dentistry, implantology over time has also come to refer to various types of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the chin, cheeks, breasts and other areas of the body with the insertion of implants. In all cases, the main purpose of these procedures is to enhance the appearance of the individual; with dental procedures, there is also the goal of restoring lost function by using implants.

Today, there are many different types of implants. Self-contained implants are often used for breast and cheek augmentation. The implants are inserted and in some cases secured in the proper position. Breast implants are generally considered to be for cosmetic purposes only, although that is not always the case. Cheek implants may be inserted for cosmetic reasons or as part of a general facial restructuring that helps to restore the face after an accident of some sort.


Dental implants can involve the replacement of missing teeth or the partial or complete replacement of other oral structures such as a section of the upper or lower gums. Rather than simply constructing a set of false teeth that can be removed at will, dental implantology permanently attaches the implants so that there is a more natural appearance. With oral implantology, the patient does not have to be concerned about slippage or other problems associated with dentures, and can treat the implants in the same manner as natural teeth and gums.

During the latter part of the 20th century, developments within the field of implantology minimized or eliminated many of the concerns associated with the procedures in years past. New surgical techniques, the creation of superior implants, and more effective postoperative medications helped to lessen the possibility of infection developing during the healing period. Newer methods in the construction of the implants also made it possible to obtain a more precise fit for dental implants, providing patients with a degree of comfort that had not been possible before.

In general, all forms of implantology tend to offer a superior solution that provides the patient with an enhanced appearance and a higher level of comfort and convenience than other solutions can manage. The implants also tend to be more functional than other alternatives, including breast enhancing devices that fit into brassieres, or sets of false teeth. While more expensive than other alternatives, the solutions offered by the various types of implantology are generally considered worth it by people who undergo the procedures.


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