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Humanofort™ is a fitness supplement specifically targeted to the bodybuilder market that is said to be capable of increasing testosterone production while simultaneously decreasing muscle recovery time. It is also alleged to cause an increase in libido, a higher sperm count, the delay of menopause, and a slowing of the aging process in both genders.

This product is described as a pharmaceutically standardized chicken embryo extract. It is reported to contain naturally occurring growth factors made of groups of low molecular weight oligopeptides. The low molecular weight of these growth factors make them able to cross the digestive barrier, where they are then transported to their specific receptor sites.

The actual effect that Humanofort™ has on the body is that of an adrenal regulator. The ingredients of the product are naturally occurring, and so it introduces no foreign chemicals into the bloodstream. Instead, it basically contains a set of instructions that alter the output of the adrenal glands, changing the levels of hormones in the body, raising testosterone and lowering estrogen. This is partly the reason why Humanofort™ doesn't require cycling like other bodybuilding products do; rather than adding anything foreign to the body, the supplement simply changes how the body acts.


Humanofort™ is considered by some to be beneficial to bodybuilders due to the advertised effects it can have on the body. Its maker claims that the supplement aids post-workout recovery time by reducing the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the steroid hormone that is, in part, responsible for the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles which is the chemical that causes fatigue. By reducing the amount of cortisol in the body, the muscles can suffer less damage during the workout and so recover faster than normal. This, coupled with the high number of peptides in the capsules, is believed to increase the speed of mass-building.

The other bodybuilding benefit reported is the increase in testosterone. An increase in this hormone has been proven to help repair muscle tissue, leading to the development of larger muscles. In addition, testosterone has been linked to an increased metabolism, which can help burn fatty tissues. Increased levels of testosterone in the bloodstream can cause heightened muscle development and less fatty tissue around the body.

The recommended dosage is to take four 50 mg tablets before bed. Some people have reported that this is actually underdosing, however, and that 200 mg has little effect on the body. They cite studies that displayed the most hormonal change as proof of this; in these studies, the participants were asked to take 600 mg per day and there was a notable change in hormone levels.


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