What is HUD Housing?

Mary McMahon

In the United States, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is responsible for enforcing the Fair Housing Act of 1968, along with supporting community development, increasing home ownership, and fighting housing discrimination. As part of HUD's mission, the agency provides low income housing to people in need in a number of ways including public HUD housing, rent subsidies, and grants to private agencies which intend to provide low-income housing. HUD housing is eligible for individuals with incomes below a certain level, and is part of the wide network of social services provided by the United States government to support people in need.

HUD housing can be large apartment buildings as well as single-family homes.
HUD housing can be large apartment buildings as well as single-family homes.

A common form of HUD housing is a publicly operated housing development. The development is owned by the government, and often focuses on a specific group of people such as single mothers, recovering drug addicts, disabled people, or formerly homeless individuals. Public housing is accompanied by a stigma in some parts of the United States, thanks to the grim housing projects in some urban areas, but it can also be quite pleasant to live in. Public housing is also built as part of disaster recovery efforts, so that displaced people can have a place to live while they rebuild their homes.

HUD provides low income housing to people in need.
HUD provides low income housing to people in need.

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HUD housing sometimes manifests as subsidies to developers who agree to include low income housing in their plans. Usually the subsidy requires that a certain percentage of homes within a development be set aside for HUD housing. It can also appear in the form of subsidies given directly to renters, called Section 8 assistance, which take the form of vouchers which can be given to a landlord as partial payment for rent. Section 8 gives renters more flexibility, allowing them to find homes outside of developments subsidized by HUD, as long as a landlord who accepts Section 8 can be found. This type of HUD housing assistance is often used by people of low income who want more independence in their housing choices.

Formerly homeless people may live in HUD housing.
Formerly homeless people may live in HUD housing.

In addition to offering HUD housing, HUD also works with community agencies such as Habitat for Humanity. By working with local agencies, HUD hopes to increase the number of homeowners in the United States, and make sure that homes are available for those who need them. HUD also enforces sections of the Fair Housing Act, and will prosecute landlords who are suspected of violating the terms of the act. Individuals who have experienced housing discrimination because of their gender, race, or family status should contact HUD and file a complaint.

HUD housing aims to reduce homelessness.
HUD housing aims to reduce homelessness.

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I too received one of their cards in the mail, they only charged me $1500 - They Are NOT HUD. I was very suspicious, but they told me they had a money back guarantee, so I went for it. They had my paperwork for about 5 weeks and I started thinking i got scammed. Then all of a sudden I got a package from WAMU. USA Mortgage Aid got my rate reduced from 6.6% down to 3% for 12 months, then 4% until 2011 then back up to 6.6% thereafter. I have been told I could have gotten that deal on my own, but for me, it was the best $1500 i have ever spent. These guys are legit.


I received a card in the mail from HUD-ML2000-05 to help us with our home that might be in foreclosure. They said their fee is $2,000 which is 100% refundable. My question is that I noticed on the card it says USA Mortgage aid is unaffiliated with any governmental agency. Should I trust them.


How long does it take for hud to accept your application?

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