What is Homekeeping?

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Homekeeping is a rarely used term, more commonly known as housekeeping or homemaking. It refers to the process of keeping a home clean, running efficiently, and in good repair. It may also refer to decorating the home or organizing the home. At one time, homekeeping was seen as something that women should perform, often to the exclusion of any other work; this is certainly no longer the case, and now all people who live in the home should participate in keeping the home an enjoyable place to live.

There is no standard definition of homekeeping, and it may refer to different things for different people. One of the most common definitions of housekeeping involves performing the cleaning all around the house, doing laundry, and maintaining everything around the home in working order. Making an organizational system in the home, and then keeping things organized can be part of keeping a home. In addition, decorating the home for the holidays is another aspect of maintaining a house.

To some people, it may also mean preparing meals or doing the grocery shopping. Managing household finances and paying bills may be another aspect of homekeeping. In addition, homekeeping may involve maintaining the outside of a home as well, such as doing landscaping, cutting the grass, or shoveling snow in the winter, for example. Caring for pets is another part of successfully managing a home.


Household management could include all these tasks and more, which is why it is clearly important that all members of the family participate in maintaining a home. Of course, women or men may choose to make homekeeping and raising children their lifestyle, rather than working outside the home, which is another option as well. Since housekeeping can mean different things to different families, there is no right or wrong way to do it. For people who are just starting out on their own, and who want to learn more about household management, there are many books and online resources that offer suggestions and tips.

The term "homekeeping" is used interchangeably with "housekeeping," except when it refers to that particular type of employment. Housekeeping will more often refer to the job of cleaning in an establishment such as a hotel or motel, or cleaning in an office building or in another person's home. One will get paid for this type of housekeeping, whereas homekeeping in one's own home is unfortunately unpaid work, though compensation can certainly come in other forms.


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