What is Holy Tea?

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Some people use cleansing tea for weight maintenance, strengthening their digestive system, and other intentions. Holy tea is a detoxifying blend of herbs formulated from natural ingredients. Its intended use is to clean out the digestive tract and detoxify the body.

The main ingredient that gives holy tea its reported benefits is holy thistle, a medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years. The drink's name is based on this herb. Other ingredients may include malva leaves, persimmon leaves, blessed thistle, marshmallow, chamomile, ginger, myrrh, and papaya. These ingredients are generally considered edible and safe for most people.

Holy tea is sometimes called miracle tea. Some people claim that it has gentle but powerful effects that include cleaning out the colon, removing parasitic organisms, curing stomach ailments, promoting weight loss, purifying the blood, and other medicinal properties. It is considered a health tonic that works as a whole body cleanser.

People who have used this tea report experiencing a variety of health and beauty benefits. Clearer, younger-looking, softer, and healthier skin may be a result from drinking holy tea. Drinkers of miracle tea report experiencing increased focus and mental clarity, better overall health, increased memory, increased energy, and a comfortable outlook of their own bodies. Some even report having a happier, more optimistic outlook on life in general.


Several organs are said to be cleansed during the tea's detoxification process. These include the kidneys, lungs, and liver. Makers of the tea claim that it can also help increase the absorption of minerals within the body, as well as aid in the removal of certain toxins from the organs and blood. Another benefit is said to be the reduction or removal of body odor originating in the sweat glands.

A typical dose of tea consists of two eight ounce (237 milliliter) cups of the beverage. This amount is usually ingested twice daily. Its detoxification benefits are provided through a colon cleansing effect. Due to this effect, bowel movements while drinking the tea will usually regulate to two to three per day.

Like any other herbal mixture, holy tea may not be safe for certain people. Women who are nursing or pregnant, children, and elderly people should consult a physician prior to taking this or any herbal formulas. The drink may also produce averse effects if combined with certain medications or birth control. It should not be taken within two hours of another medicine.


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Post 11

I have been drinking the tea for a little over a month now and I have had really good results. I will say this, it depends on how much junk the tea will need to clean out. It is a miracle tea and it does work.

Within the first few days I was actually sleeping much better and have been since I started. I wake up feeling rejuvenated each morning and my overall (perimenopausal) attitude has improved greatly. Not to mention my energy level is through the roof! In terms of weight loss I am beginning to see it, it took a couple of weeks but in the last month I have gone from 300 pounds down to 286. I

am happy with that, may not seem like a lot but for me it's a big deal, so I will keep taking it. I blow money on all kinds of stuff and my health is important.

I say give it a try but be ready to make the investment and know that it will likely take longer than a week.

Oh and one last thing: Not to be gross, but I now have eliminations two or three times per day.

I have not exercised once but plan to change that this week and the first two weeks, I didn't watch what I ate. It was around Thanksgiving. I now try to watch what I eat but if I want something, I don't deprive myself (had a cookie from bread company yesterday). Give it a try.

Post 10

@burcinc: Thanks for the Holy Tea info. Can you share with us the mix of individual ingredients that you typically use? Did determine your blend by trial and error?

Post 8

Organic holy tea is great but it's ridiculously expensive when I buy it as tea bags. I did that a couple of times but then I realized that I can't afford to buy it that way anymore.

Now I buy all of the holy tea ingredients in bulk from different places and mix it together at home. I think it tastes much better this way and not only do I save money but I can adjust amounts of different ingredients according to taste. I don't like ginger too much for example, so I only put a little bit when I mix everything.

It can be difficult to find some of the ingredients in bulk and fresh. I generally find the ingredients in organic stores, international grocery stores and some online. I think it's worth the effort because I'm saving so much money this way.

Post 7

@turquoise-- You should definitely try holy tea, it's much more effective than green tea for weight loss.

I've been drinking it pretty regularly for the past year and I'm really happy with it. I don't drink it for weight but rather for constipation. It's really great for regulating bowel movements and I'm sure it speeds up metabolism in the process as well. I haven't had constipation since I started having this tea regularly.

I think it tastes good too. It might take you a couple of days to get used to it if you've never had it before. I think natural but low calorie sweeteners would be best to use with this tea. Artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and too much sugar will give you a lot of calories. Try something like stevia that is natural but with no calories. I'm sure you'll get the best results from holy tea this way.

Post 6

I've been drinking green tea because I heard that it's a great antioxidant and helps promote weight loss. I've been drinking it for a while but haven't really benefited as much as I would like. I'm looking for a herbal tea that is more potent and effective and holy tea sounds like a good option.

I'm familiar with chamomile and ginger but none of the other herbal ingredients. What is the taste of holy tea like? I hope it doesn't taste bad.

How long do I need to drink this to see results? Will putting sugar or artificial sweeteners in the tea affect its benefits at all? I like my tea sweet.

Post 5

@Sara007 - I really like Dr. Miller's holy tea but I think you need to try it for yourself if you are skeptical. The product isn't cheap, but that can be said of most truly organic teas... they are pricey.

I am a member of the holy tea club and for myself I have noticed that my weight is staying steady despite getting older and overall my health is very good. I can't say for sure that it is the tea making all the difference but I love the taste of it and that is enough for me to keep drinking it.

Post 4

I have read some holy tea reviews and am curious if anyone has tried to use holy tea to promote weight loss. Some people have said that Dr. Miller's holy tea has helped them to lose a ton of weight but I am a bit skeptical. It is tough to believe that something so simple can work to take off fifty pounds of fat or more.

Also, what do you think about the health claims of holy tea? Besides it being toted as the cure for just about everything there are people saying that it has helped clear up their lungs. Since I have asthma that aspect of the tea is even more appealing than the weight loss.

Post 3

@Mammmood - Just remember this one important fact about herbs. All herbal supplements are basically drugs, in their natural form.

The Miller holy tea would be no exception. So I wouldn’t go about drinking this tea unless you check with your doctor first, especially if you have some health condition.

Believe me, nowadays when I get a check up the doctor wants to know not only any medication I am taking, but any supplements too! They understand that the supplements – especially herbal supplements – can interact with medication you’re taking or have adverse side effects.

Post 2

@SkyWhisperer - I’ve read reviews of Dr. Miller’s holy tea online. The good on it is that it acts as a laxative, improving bowel movements, which I suppose is an aid in detoxification.

On the other hand, some people claim that’s about the only thing it does. So I am on the fence. I may give holy tea a try sometime just to see if it’s better for me than regular tea.

I do believe in herbal supplements so it’s worth a shot I suppose. It’s a little expensive, but if it can make me happier as the article says, then it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Post 1

I buy tea because I prefer it to coffee and I’ve heard about its health benefits, such as for example the fact that it is high in antioxidants. So I am open to the idea that the holy tea mentioned in the article may in fact have some therapeutic health benefits, although I have never tried it.

Whether it can actually make your skin look younger I don’t know (many products claim to do that) but I suppose it could detoxify your body or improve your digestion. I’ve seen the product sold online but have never really understood what it was. Because of its name I thought it was some sacred potion from the Holy Lands or something like that.

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