What Is Hipster Underwear?

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Hipster underwear is a popular style of underwear that is stylish and functional. It sits on the hips of the wearer, below the waistline, and incorporates design elements of different types of panties. This type of underwear can vary its degree of coverage, making personal preference and selection an important part of the shopping experience.

As its name implies, hipster underwear sits on the hips of its wearer. This underwear almost functions as a combination of briefs, bikini and boyshorts underwear. Different elements of these types of underwear are combined to create the design of hipster panties. It's not uncommon to find hipster underwear advertised as having the "rise" of one type of underwear, with the fit of another and the leg opening style of yet another. This underwear has a reputation for flattering the figure of its wearer.

One benefit of wearing hipster underwear is that it can help minimize the evidence of panty lines. Standard-cut briefs can expose panty lines in many types of materials and outfits. Because of its low cut, this underwear can make panty lines less visible and can even seem as if they are part of an outfit design, depending on the outfit worn.


This type of underwear can be made from a variety of materials. Cotton is the most common. Manufacturers can also use spandex, lace, satin and other materials in varying percentages to create hipster underwear.

Different brands of underwear can differ in their coverage abilities. When manufacturers or retailers advertise the coverage of underwear or panties, they usually are referring to the amount of a person's buttocks that the panties naturally cover. Full-coverage hipster underwear, for example, can cover as much as a standard brief would. Other types might cover only half of that area or can even be similar to a thong.

This type of underwear is popular among teenage girls because of its sporty and trendy look. The underwear, however, is also made for women and is popular with them, too. Hipster underwear can be found in department or retail stores where lingerie is sold. Like other types of underwear, it can be sold in packs, so that consumers can purchase several different pairs at one time. Usually, when the underwear is sold in this manner, the pairs are made by the same manufacturer, and the only difference between them is their color or design.


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I think hipster underwear is the most comfortable type of women's panties on the market. They are also unnoticeable under most fashions, which is important to anyone who hates panty lines.

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