What Is High Self-Esteem?

High self-esteem is a positive assessment a person makes of his own character. A person considered to have high self-esteem generally views himself as being proficient and worthy in most respects. In general, self-esteem exemplifies how a person regards himself, and there are many benefits of positive self-esteem. Those with a high regard of themselves may be more successful in their careers and enjoy a more enriched life.

Experts believe that children with high self-esteem do better academically and socially than those with a low self-esteem. High self-esteem in a child or teenager is defined by a sense of security in the person she is. A child or adolescent with high self-esteem generally feels positive about her abilities and her appearance.

Several factors may influence how a child feels about herself. Most children and adults with positive self-esteem receive positive reinforcement from loved ones and friends. This is why establishing a healthy self-esteem may be accomplished with a strong support system. People with positive self-esteem are less likely to suffer from depression or become suicidal.

For many people, high self-esteem is acquired over time. A person may develop positive self-esteem by practicing activities that reinforce positive aspects of her personality. For example, some people believe that keeping a chronicle of one's accomplishments in life can help boost confidence and improve self-esteem. Becoming involved in rewarding activities, such as charity or volunteer work, may improve self-esteem as well.

Psychologists encourage people to accept themselves as they are, without making comparisons to others. According to experts, this may be an essential aspect in developing a healthy self-esteem. Conversely, self depreciation tends to lower self-esteem.

Maintaining a healthy fitness level can also lead to healthy self-esteem. Taking care of one's health shows self-respect. This may mean giving up unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or following a healthy diet. Establishing a strong set of values to live by may also boost self-esteem. Being surrounded by positive people and avoiding negativity also boosts confidence and raises self-esteem.

Some experts believe that high self-esteem may also have drawbacks. When a person becomes overly confident, it can be detrimental to his social standing. When high self-esteem manifests in arrogance, some perceive this as a negative characteristic. Self-absorption or selfishness may be characteristic of people with high self-esteem.

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There are definitely many benefits of high self esteem. It gives courage, it causes people to be outgoing and makes them achievers. Like the article said, high self esteem is a good thing but too much self esteem is not. Sometimes this is a thin line and it can be difficult to tell whether someone has a healthy amount of self esteem.

Extremely high self esteem is linked with various personality disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder. Just as low self esteem, excessive self esteem also creates many problems, particularly problems in social relationships. Narcissists have high self esteem and they are often viewed as self-centered, selfish, uncaring, motive driven people by those around them.

So we all must aim for healthy level of self esteem. This means that our opinion of ourselves should be realistic. Neither should we belittle ourselves nor should we be overconfident.

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@ZipLine-- You might not have high self esteem now but this does not mean that you do not have a chance of developing it. There are effective ways to improve self esteem. You need to see a professional about this so that they can show you the way and teach you different methods that you can use.

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High self esteem may not be required for good grades, but it is certainly required for positive social experiences.

I have low self esteem and I've always done well in school. The anxiety that comes with low self esteem can actually motivate an individual to work hard and perform well in certain areas. I think that's why I have been successful academically. Socially however, I am very poor. I don't have many friends and I avoid social interactions like the plague.

Low self esteem also affects my professional life negatively because I'm often too scared to do what I really want to do. I try to do what I think I should do and the fear of failing stops me from going after my dreams. This has to be the worst part about low self esteem. Sometimes I wish I could just wake up one day with high self esteem and turn my life around.

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