What Is Hibiscus Oil?

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Hibiscus oil is a type of essential oil that is extracted from the hibiscus plant and has a variety of practical uses, ranging from aromatherapy to skin and hair care. Many find the fragrance of this oil to be pleasant, calming, and relaxing, making this a popular oil for use in homemade beauty products such as soaps and lotions. This essential oil contains healing properties for the skin and makes an excellent moisturizer. It is a favorite addition to many shampoos due to the rich nutrient content and moisturizing properties of the hibiscus plant.

The fragrance of hibiscus oil is quite pleasing to many people and is often used to scent potpourri or added to homemade air fresheners. Due to the calming and relaxing properties of this plant, hibiscus essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. The oil of the hibiscus plant can be added to bath water, used as a supplement in homemade soaps and lotions, or used to scent handmade candles. This oil can even be used on its own as a perfume, adding to the versatility of this amazing plant.


There are several benefits to using hibiscus oil on the skin. Not only does it act as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, but it may also help to heal lesions caused by such skin conditions as eczema or psoriasis. Hibiscus essential oil may also help to preserve the flexibility and elastic nature of the skin when used on a regular basis, potentially reducing the effects of aging on the skin. Studies have shown that hibiscus oil may also contain anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, adding to the potential uses of this powerful oil.

One of the most popular uses of hibiscus oil is in the area of hair care. The flowers of the hibiscus plant have long been used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff. The essential oil derived from these flowers may be used alone or added to hair care products such as shampoos or conditioners in order to improve the overall health of the hair. Hibiscus oil can be purchased at many natural health stores, or it can be made relatively easily at home.

In order to make an essential oil from hibiscus flowers, the flowers are cooked along with coconut or sesame oil, drained, and cooled. The cooled oil can then be used alone or added to other products. When used on the hair, the oil should be washed out of the hair with a mild shampoo in order to preserve the effects of the oil.


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Post 5

I have a doubt. As far as I know essential oils should not be used neat and should be mixed with some carrier oils. Can you please explain how to use hibiscus essential oil on skin and hair.

Post 4

Hibiscus hair oil smells pretty good on its own. However, my friend has a hibiscus perfume that smells even better.

Various other scents were mixed in with the hibiscus to customize the scent. I know that it has lavender and violet in it, as well as some type of citrus extract.

I think that the perfume manufacturer somehow found the perfect balance with this perfume. The other extracts complement the hibiscus wonderfully.

Post 3

Hibiscus oil may be good for hair, but I think it is even better for skin. I use it in my bathwater, and I don't even need to apply lotion afterward.

Especially during the winter, my skin gets really dry and tight. A warm bath containing hibiscus oil moisturizes my skin and makes it more supple.

When my skin is dry, it gets very itchy. Hibiscus oil prevents the itchiness and burning associated with winter dryness.

Post 2

@StarJo – Hibiscus hair oil is very moisturizing. It's great for my hair, which has been damaged by various chemical processes like perms and coloring.

Hibiscus oil is about the only thing that can make my hair feel soft again. If I just wash it with regular shampoo and condition it, then it feels coarse and dry, like hay. If I use the oil, it feels like real hair again.

It doesn't make my hair look oily, because I wash it out with a shampoo made for extra dry hair. The shampoo is designed to leave moisture in the hair, so I don't have to worry about the oil getting stripped away.

Post 1

I can understand why no one would want to leave hibiscus oil on their hair. People generally wash their hair to get rid of an oily appearance, so putting oil on and leaving it would be counterproductive.

I've never tried hibiscus oil on my hair, because my hair is naturally so oily. Now that I know that it's okay to wash it out, I might give it a try. I guess I just assumed that shampoo would strip the oil away, but maybe if I use baby shampoo, it will be gentle enough.

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