What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?

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HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is believed to be the controlling hormone of many functions and benefits associated with youth, such as vitality, smooth skin, energy and resilience. It is naturally produced in the pituitary gland of the brain.

As people move past age 30, natural levels of HGH drop off dramatically, about 14% per decade. Lower levels of this hormone are associated with the aging process. As levels continue to drop, the aging process accelerates. Research indicates that by increasing the natural amount of HGH in the system, the body may be able to reverse some symptoms associated with aging, like weight gain, loss of lean muscle, wrinkles, bone density, sexual drive and more. Although it is not clinically proven, HGH is sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth hormone.

Physicians have traditionally administered a prescription form of injectable HGH. Now nonprescription homeopathic versions are available through mail order, and over the counter.

Clinical studies indicate the most effective concentration of homeopathic HGH is a dilution of 30x. Lower or higher dilution rates are not proven more effective, so most reputable dealers will sell the 30x dilution.


With the popularity of HGH there are many companies touting products that do not contain any of the actual hormone at all. Instead they offer other ingredients said to assist in the natural stimulation of HGH in the body. At the other extreme there are vendors offering non-homeopathic HGH illegally. These vendors often describe their product in terms of nanograms, usually claiming 100-1000 nanograms of pure hormone per dose. Aside from being illegal, a prescribed dose is closer to 2,750,000 nanograms, making the 100-1000 nanograms all but useless to the buyer.

The effects of homeopathic HGH are cumulative and vary depending on the individual, taking up to a month to notice initial benefits like deeper sleep, and up to 6 months or more to notice weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, and a more youthful appearance. Although only a handful of clinical research has been done, early results are promising and there are virtually no side-effects associated with 30x dilution, when used as directed.

The method for taking homeopathic HGH is low-dose high frequency, meaning you absorb only small amounts per dose, but you take 1-3 doses a day, depending on the brand. The liquid form is sprayed under the tongue and left in the mouth to be absorbed rather than swallowed. While prescribed HGH cannot be absorbed under the tongue because of its molecule size, the homeopathic version in its diluted form can be absorbed.

If interested in homeopathic HGH, consider a vendor that uses a FDA-approved lab verses a vendor who only claims to follow US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. FDA-approved labs undergo rigorous periodic inspections, and require that every bottle be stamped with a lot number and expiration date. This is an easy way to see if a vendor is really FDA-approved or not. Simply ask if their bottles are stamped with these numbers. The FDA also specifically advises legitimate homeopathic vendors to not describe their product in terms of nanograms. Instead "homeopathic HGH 30x" is one of the first ingredients you should see.

Results cannot be guaranteed from taking HGH and will vary from individual to individual. Some people may feel little benefit, while others claim to feel and even look 10-20 years younger after taking it for several months. As with any new regime, you should contact your doctor before taking this hormone.

Many reputable vendors will offer customers a money-back guarantee to try the "fountain of youth" for themselves.


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Post 11

I'm using GenF20, a product for HGH that can be taken orally. It helps my skin to look smooth and beautiful. Since I started to take GenF20, I feel like a 20 year old and I'm 52.

Post 9

Wonderful explanation on HGH indeed, thank you. It is also surprising to know that now there are some pills and supplements to increase HGH which works with our body’s natural HGH chemical centers and increases the production of the important hormones. HGH is very important in a human, as it has various actions to perform.

Post 8

You can stimulate your body to produce HGH naturally. There's a product called Natropin that works pretty good. Lifting heavy weights also stimulates both HGH and testosterone.

Post 7

lionel messi was taking it when he was younger due to his lack of height.

Post 6

I am a qualified and registered homeopath - and I can tell you that there is simply no way that any of the legitimate and respected suppliers of homeopathic products stock or sell any tinctures involving HGH. Anything that says it is homeopathic HGH is an outright scam. --Angie.

Post 5

should a short child take hgh if he is not lacking any hormones?

Post 4

not illegal, but not allowed in sports.

Post 3

what if the Hgh Container has all the FDA APPROVED SIGN' BUT ON INGREDIENTS IT SAYS.

Active phosphoric acod 60x, Arnica 4x, Galium aparine 4x, Thuja Occid 400x, HGH 12x 24x 30c in a Base of Milk thistle seed powder, Damiana leaf powder, Elk Antler powder, Pituitary powder,

Colostrum powder, Maltodextrin, magnesium, stearate, silica

Is this an effective dosage or not?

Post 2

IS HGH a steroid?

Post 1

is HGH illegal? if not, why is there all the fuss about Roger Clemens?

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