What Is Herbal Hair Spray?

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An herbal hair spray is a one that is free of many of the toxic chemicals associated with synthetic hair sprays. They can be created out of natural ingredients like vitamins and essential oils that can increase the health of the hair and scalp. They also provide the same type of hold and styling effect that store-bought sprays do. While herbal hair sprays can be pricey, they can also be made at home.

Many toxic chemicals that pervade beauty products ingredients lists have been associated with dangerous health problems. Natural or herbal products provide an alternative to these potentially harmful products. An herbal hair spray, for instance, can be made without the inclusion of plastics, copolymer, and mineral oils. In addition, they can also be created to be hypoallergenic, so that anyone, including those with sensitivities to chemicals, can use the products.

Ingredients that are common to herbal hair sprays are organic or natural in nature. It's not uncommon to find that herbal hair sprays use vitamins, including vitamin B-5, E, and C, in their ingredients lists. Essential oils like sandalwood, cedarwood, carrot, and balsam can also be included as ingredients for their hair and scalp relieving qualities. For example, rosemary oil is an essential oil that can be added to an herbal hair spray to help to combat dandruff.


Herbal hair spray can also be made at home. To create a natural hair spray, one could follow an easy hair spray recipe by combining the ingredients of herbal tea, organic cane sugar, vodka, and essential oils. Traditionally, the herbal tea and sugar ingredients are combined until the sugar particles have dissolved completely. When the tea has sufficiently cooled, the vodka and essential oils are added into the mix. The resulting mixture is then placed into a clean spray bottle and can be used for up to three weeks after its creation.

A benefit of making herbal hair spray at home is that it can be prepared completely to the users' specifications. For example, it might be difficult to find an herbal hair care product on the market that employs the fragrances preferred to any particular user. With homemade hair sprays, beauty enthusiasts can choose the type of essential oils that they want to use and enjoy the scent for as long as they use the spray. Some common essential oils that are used for fragrance include rosemary, sage, chamomile, and rose. Homemade herbal hair sprays can also save consumers money, since the products can be made cheaply at home and refills are just an easy recipe away.


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