What is Herb Salami?

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Many people enjoy the taste of salami, either on a cold platter or in a sandwich. Herb salami takes the flavor to another level by adding a selection of herbs and spices to the casing of the salami. Herb salami has the advantage of not only adding a bit of extra taste to the casing of the meat, but under the proper circumstances, some of the flavor also infuses the meat inside the casing as well. Here is the process for creating herb salami, as well as some examples of what types of herbs and spices are often used.

Working with the usual casing on the salami, the entire salami log is rolled in a bed of mixed herbs and spices. The idea is to thoroughly coat the exterior of the salami by pressing the log as it is rolled. Many different herbs may be used, as well as different spices. Blends of pepper with lemon rind are often favored, as well as garlic, paprika, oregano, cayenne, and red pepper flakes. Herb salami can also be made using one of the blended packages of herbs and spices that are found in most supermarkets.


After the casing of the herb salami is coated, the salami log is snugly wrapped in cheesecloth. This allows time for the herb casing to set and also allow the various spices and herbs to begin infusing the meat with flavor. While most of the added taste will come from the casing, some of the flavors will begin to seep in and mingle with the meat as well. The end result will be slices of salami that make for great sandwiches. In addition, when the herb salami is sliced and served as part of a cold cut platter with a mix of cheeses, the herb casing adds visual interest as well as more taste to enjoy.

Herb salami can be made at home. All that is required are the herbs and spices of choice, a salami log, and something to tightly wrap the finished product for a couple of hours. The layer of herbs on the herb salami can be as thick or as thin as desired. Along with making your own herb salami at home, it is also possible to purchase herb salami in many delicatessens and the meat departments of more upscale grocery markets. As a way of adding a little something extra to an old favorite, herb salami can be just what you need to dress up cold cuts at your next party.


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