What is Hemp Protein?

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Hemp protein is a dietary supplement that is used by health food enthusiasts and athletes alike. It is believed that the protein derived from the hemp plant is one of the best proteins that is available from the plant kingdom. This is because this kind of protein contains all of the amino acids and fatty acids that are essential to human health. Hemp products also include healthy enzymes and nutrients.

There are a number of ways to consume hemp products and, by extension, the protein found in the plant. Hemp seed protein is often sold in a powder form and may be mixed with added fiber. This powder can be added to smoothies, milkshakes, and numerous other dishes to boost the protein level. Alternatively, shelled hemp seeds can be ingested. The seeds can be consumed on their own or in cereals, salads, and dips such as hummus.

Some food companies sell products that already have hemp protein added into them. Such foods include hemp protein bars and pre-mixed shakes that are made with hemp seeds or hemp seed powder. For more ideas about how to incorporate hemp protein into a healthy diet, consider checking out one of the hemp cookbooks that are currently on the market.


Quite a few health food companies sell hemp protein in the form of a powder. One of the key differences in these products are the nutritional breakdown of the powder. Each product, for example, has different levels of protein, fiber, fat, and other vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, these products tend to vary in texture. The texture of the hemp protein powder can effect whether or not one enjoys the food that the powder has been mixed into.

Many of the companies that sell hemp protein powder offer trial-sized packages that include just one serving. Purchasing these and comparing the tastes and textures of the products is a great way to find a favorite hemp protein product. If all of the powders prove to be disappointing, one can always rely on the seeds.

It is not legal to grow hemp plants in the United States. For this reason, all hemp products that are sold in America have to be imported from farmers in other countries. It is, however, completely legal to purchase nutritional hemp products within the United States. In fact, such products are commonly sold at grocery stores, food co-ops, and health food stores.


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