What Is Heavy Equipment Hauling?

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Heavy equipment hauling is the transport of large, cumbersome equipment like tractors, excavators, and graders. This type of machinery is used in construction, warehouse management, and shipping. It cannot be driven on the open road for long distances and requires professional transport if it needs to be moved between distant locations and job sites. Special skills are required to handle heavy equipment appropriately during transport to keep the equipment safe and protect other people on the road.

Open flatbed trailers are one option for heavy equipment hauling. Crews can drive the equipment up a ramp and onto the bed for loading, taking care to position it appropriately. The weight needs to be distributed with care to balance the trailer well and prevent problems. It also needs to be strapped down to prevent movement in transit. If there are concerns about weather damage, protective sheeting might be used to cover the equipment so it will stay safe on the road.

Closed trailers can also be used for some kinds of heavy equipment hauling. The size of the equipment may make this impossible if it is particularly bulky. Closed environments can be better in harsh climates or regions where there are concerns about theft because they can be easily secured with the equipment inside. Either open or closed, the trailer needs to be specifically designed for heavy equipment hauling, capable of handling the high weight in transit, and the truck used to pull the trailer also needs to be appropriate.


Drivers who work in this field may need special training before they can go on the open road. Heavy equipment hauling involves loads with awkward weight distributions as well as trailers that tend to sit lower to the ground. It takes time to adjust to these working conditions, and there is a risk of accidents or injuries if the driver isn’t careful on the road. For activities like turning and cornering, special precautions are necessary to prevent problems with the truck, trailer, and hookup.

Firms offering heavy equipment hauling typically charge by distance and complexity of the load. Some offer a partial load option for companies that do not have an entire trailer’s worth of equipment. This can help firms save money, although the job may take slightly longer because of the different pickup and delivery points. Equipment can be delivered to job sites or loaded onto boats and trains for transportation to other end destinations.


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