What Is Headline Inflation?

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Headline inflation is a term that is used to identify the increase or decrease in inflation that is occurring within an economy. This type of calculation is usually managed by periodically considering the current average pricing for a select range of goods and services, and comparing the total of those purchases with past periods. Doing so can make it easier to determine if the economy is seeing an increase in inflation, if there is not any appreciable change in comparison to past periods, or if there are signs that the prices for certain goods and services are actually dropping. Determining inflation is helpful for both businesses as well as governments who are seeking to moderate the movement of the economy and keep economic conditions somewhat stable.

There are several different types of inflation monitoring processes that may be used concurrently. One of the factors that distinguishes headline inflation from other methods is that resources such as food and energy are included in the calculation. This is different from what is known as core inflation, which does not allow for the price fluctuations that tend to occur within those markets on an ongoing basis.


While methods vary, the determination of headline inflation often relies on data that is collected to determine the consumer price index (CPI) for a nation. In many nations, CPI is calculated using relevant data on a monthly basis. Extracting the information relevant to the goods and services identified as crucial to the inflation calculation using the CPI means that a standard is set that makes it easier to compare the results from past periods without any issues of the use of different sources possibly causing some bias with the latest calculations.

The value of calculating headline inflation is that while the information is not all-encompassing, it can serve as an indicator of what is happening with key resources within a given nation. The data can make it easier to identify what shifts in the economy are doing in terms of affecting consumer spending, which areas are being impacted by price increases or decreases, and even how political events or natural disasters may cause changes in consumer spending within a given period. The results of determining headline inflation can often aid governments and businesses in developing and implementing changes that help to slow the movement of the economy toward an undesirable trend, and possibly even reverse that trend altogether.

Along with being able to monitor changes in successive periods, calculating inflation also makes it possible to compare current circumstances to similar economic situations that occurred in years past. Doing so can aid in drawing on historical data to predict the outcome of the movements of the consumer price index in the present, which in turn may minimize the chances of implementing a strategy that makes matters worse rather than better. From this perspective, headline inflation can be a valuable economic tool that aids in reducing the effect of unfavorable trends and possibly even shortening their duration.


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Well, I suppose the Consumer Price Index may have been valuable in the past as far as predicting and preventing unfavorable economic trends, but as they say, every dog has its day.

Perhaps this is simply a too basic or simplistic analysis on my part, but of what value was the CPI in the last thirty years when wages for roughly 90% of the working force rose very little, and wages and wealth for the remaining 10% simply skyrocketed?

This is unprecedented wealth transfer in our economic history, and this horrible statistic has been largely ignored by a variety of indexes and governmental reports. Are these indexes and economic reports only to be used in retrospect?

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