What is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

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Hand, foot and mouth disease is the most common cause of mouth sores in children, primarily in the age group from six months to three years old. It is caused by a group of viruses called enteroviruses, most commonly, the coxsackievirus A16. Not to be confused with the foot and mouth disease that affects cattle, sheep, and swine, it is a fairly mild illness that usually resolves itself within seven to ten days.

Most parents notice that the onset of this disease is heralded by a fever, which is followed by a sore throat, fussiness, and loss of appetite. Sores in the mouth and throat come next and are characterized by white or red blisters covering the tongue, throat and the inside of the cheeks. Excessive drooling may occur due to the discomfort associated with swallowing. The blisters in the throat lead many to believe that the child is suffering from strep throat.

After the rash erupts in the mouth, it moves on to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. The rash may be raised or flat and may include blisters. Because different children respond differently to illnesses, the rash can either be highly visible or barely make a mark.


Thankfully, the rash associated with hand, foot and mouth disease is usually not itchy when the condition occurs in children, although the blisters in the mouth make it uncomfortable to eat and drink. The virus is fairly contagious and spread through person-to-person contact, respiratory secretions, stool and broken blisters. The incubation period is three to seven days, and the affected child is usually contagious before the fever begins. This makes it difficult to stop the spread, because parents do not know that their child is infected until it’s too late. Proper handwashing is the most effective means to slow the spread of the disease.

Once a child has been exposed, he or she develops immunity to the virus and will most likely not experience a recurrence. Most infections occur during the summer and early fall, and breakouts tend to cluster around daycare centers and schools due to the high transference of germs among children. Pregnant women who have never been exposed to the virus may have cause for concern; if they pass it to their infant, there is a slight chance of the child developing serious infections that affect the organs.

There are blood tests available to diagnose hand, foot and mouth disease, but due to the long waiting period, they are rarely used. Due to the viral nature of the disease, antibiotics are ineffective, so the symptoms are treated while waiting for the rash to resolve itself. Pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen are effective for the fever and pain, and antihistamines can be used to treat the rash.


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Post 39

I got it from my two year old. It started with unbearable exhaustion and a horrible fever, migraine and sore throat. Every muscle in my body hurt. On day two, I still had a fever and I could barely swallow. On day 3, I had blisters all over my hands and vulva and inside of my throat.

Post 38

I haven't finished reading the posts, but I thank everyone for posting. I wish I had seen this last week. I am staying with friends for a while and caught it from the baby.

I had a sore throat last Wednesday night. On Thursday, it was worse, and I didn't go to work. As the day went on, I had chills and a low grade fever and not much appetite. I thought it was the flu until about 10:30 p.m. That's when I realized I hadn't had an asthma attack, which I get when I have the flu.

I googled HFAM, and discovered that the next day wouldn't bode well for me as I had the sore throat for 36

hours. Sure enough, the next day I awoke to a swollen, slightly bumpy and oozing nose. As the morning wore on, my hands started itching. They itched so bad. Nothing would alleviate the incessant itching. I would get relief only while rubbing the cream in. I tried Advil PM so I could sleep, but it didn't work. I tried allergy meds, but they didn't work or make me sleep. The itching was so bad, I was thankful for the painful burning phase. Pain meds worked for that phase and I could sleep!

I'm now in the hard and numb fingertips phase. My face looks a hot mess, and I still have hives and blisters on my hands and feet, but they're going down. The itching is at a minimum. Just wondering when I will get the feeling back in my fingertips.

The doctor at the ER (I went to prove to my friends that I had it -- long story) said it would last two or three days. She was very nice, but she didn't know what she was talking about. The time frame is off, the prescription meds didn't work. Hell, I told her what I had in the first place. This thing is frustrating as hell.

Post 37

I am just getting over mine, on day six now. Last Wednesday I started with a slight sore throat, body aches and a fever of 102+. The next day I got the blisters in my mouth.

I caught it from my 10 year old who mainly had blisters in her mouth and was prescribed antibiotics from the doctors who thought it was strep. She had maybe a spot or two on her hands and feet. The very next day (Friday) I woke up with a spot on my hand and by the evening I had a few more and on my feet. It clicked then that this was hand, foot and mouth. Saturday was much worse with spots all over

my hands and feet. They itched and burned, and the blisters in my throat hurt. By Sunday, my hands stopped itching and burning but my feet still continue to burn mostly when I wear shoes. My mouth is doing much better although I still have a few blisters. My hands have gone slightly numb, and I've got blisters in my nose as well which hurts like crap and is also numb!
Post 36

I'm a 21 year old woman, suffering from severe irritation on my feet and arms. I visited several doctors, but it was of no use. Initially, I had a black mark on my left foot that used to cause severe irritation when something came into contact with it. Gradually, the skin in that part got peeled off, and many such black marks started on both the feet, and on my arms too.

I'm really depressed due to this. The marks are making my skin much harder. Please advise me of a medicine if this is a known problem.

Post 34

I have had and have it. I am a 43 year old male. I had it last year, but it hadn't gotten this bad.

Day 1: Starts with a fever or chills and body aches and/or lethargy.

Day 2: A sore throat that is persistent and nothing seems to help. CVS or other drug stores carry something like Cepacol that is great for numbing the throat. It helps temporarily, but plain thick yogurt is the most comforting to a sore throat. Pain meds and such can be put in the yogurt to transport them past the throat sores (otherwise you may find it impossible to swallow even the tiniest pills).

Day 3: Sore throat continues and the symptomatic rash appears

as raised bumps or blisters on the skin, somewhere: scalp, hands, feet, sides, spine, etc., etc. It’s usually itchy and you think, “Did I get a bug bite? Is that poison ivy?” And then you're like, "No, it's this virus. Usually gone after a day.” Then the blisters start to show up in the mouth, usually in the back of the mouth in the cheek areas.

Days 4-8: Much the same. The blisters, raised bumps, and "cheese" that forms in the mouth (can be tiny blisters that make the inner cheek skin slough off or become loose and white). Usually the glands under the chin become sore and swell, headaches are frequent, you have loss of appetite, irritability, sleepless nights for a few nights in the earlier stages of the virus, night-sweating, frequent waking with inability to swallow or panic with pain of swallowing.

Again, the yogurt is the most helpful for transport of nutrients and pills, etc. that you might want to use for pain. I had to take a trip to the E.R. for headache pain that would not cease, and was prescribed oxycodone for the headache pain. I also found it effective for the mouth sores and sore throat as well to then be able to eat only soft foods. Don't try eating anything solid that is rough. It will rip through your throat like a wildfire!

Cepacol is somewhat helpful, yogurt is soothing, gargling salt water was painful and burned, and sugar set my throat and mouth on fire. Gatorade is helpful to get in electrolytes and keep fluids up. Water was challenging.

Days 9, 10: Mouth sores progress forward to inside the lips and general irritability follows, with morning headaches, itchy palms and tops of feet. Follow others’ tips with ice packs to the hands and feet, Tylenol for mouth sores, non-drowsy antihistamines during the day, drowsy ones at night.

If you go to the E.R., tell them you have acute pain or acute migraine so they can get you pain meds faster. Morphine is helpful during restless/sleepless nights to get a good night's sleep. Leave the E.R. after you get at least two shots of morphine or have enough pain meds so you can relax without thinking about it. If you are a woman, please take care of your child/children, and also please get someone to take care of your child during the day so you can nap or just relax and not have to be a Mom.

For men, the same: create an environment of relaxation, ease, and comfort. Coxsackie Virus/Disease a.k.a. Hand-Foot-Mouth disease is a royal pain in the keester!

Day 11: Still more mouth sores and blisters, but they come and go more rapidly. Yogurt (plain, unsweetened) is still the most effective in soothing the mouth sores. Coffee drinkers: don't give up your coffee; it will actually help with headaches this virus might give you. Now make that coffee a little less sweet, but have it with heavy cream or half and half for its soothing effect.

Day 12: Sores are down but the glands under the chin are super sensitive and sore as if someone whacked me with a two by four in my jaw. Ouch! Same treatments as before. Sores on back and front of tongue appear same as strep -- very confusing to graphically visually diagnose. Get the rapid-test strep test just for fun to rule strep out. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or public places where you might spread the virus. Walk around with alcohol wipes to clean surfaces before and after you touch anything. Get ice packs. Get plain, unsweetened yogurt. Get a lot of rest.

Day 13: It should be starting to subside. All the blisters and bumps and mouth sores. The sore throat is mostly gone, but is replaced with mouth sores that are more forward as the virus is making its last ditch effort to re-infect everyone around me. Try not to talk, but use sign language or write on paper, or just avoid other people entirely. Keep the fluids going.

Post 33

I had this last year but thankfully, it did not itch like some are reporting. I am a 35 year old male. I have a 4 year old who did not show any symptoms, so she either carried it or I picked it up at the daycare center since I spend five minutes there each night helping clean up, etc.

Because of this infection that is "rare in adulthood", my doctor said it is a sign of a compromised immune system and asked if I ever had an AIDS test. I had not, so one was ordered and for two days I stressed over the potential life changing news. It was negative, but after reading more on the disease, it doesn't strike me as being that rare in adults.

Post 32

I am a 21 year old guy and I have no idea how I got mine. I was having headaches and then a sore throat came in. After a few days, the sore throat went down, but I awoke with itchy hands that felt like little needles poking me. I went to the doctor's office where he told me I also had a fever, and what I had was Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Hopefully mine is not too bad but it is getting itchier.

Post 31

I am 39 years old and contracted hfmd from my 5 year old. He got energetic after day two and spots were rarely visible. As for me, the hfmd is in the fifth day at work and the doctor said I can be considered a full blown case.

Blisters are everywhere -- on my palm area, both front and back, feet both front and back, and my mouth is infested with ulcers. My throat is equally bad.I cannot sleep and get an average of two to four hours per day. My doctor suggested ice cream as alternative meal.

Post 30

I'm a 35 year old woman and have contracted the virus from my seven month old daughter.

Day 1: Terrible sore throat and high fever.

Day 2: Same. Went to doctor for strep throat and it came out negative. The doctor said I probably contracted the HFMD from my daughter.

Day 3: Small number of blisters on my toes and exterior of feet. My hands only had blisters on the thumbs and index fingers.

Day 4: More blisters took over my entire mouth. Also, two ulcers have developed in my vaginal area. My labia has two blood blisters that have now developed into a canker sore.

I'm concerned because that area is not dry. I'm not sure of a treatment for the genitalia area? Anyone know of something that might help healing?

Post 29

Use Calamine lotion, ice packs, take Ibuprofen and antihistamines, and then all you can do is wait. I've got it terribly. I am unbearably itchy and have two babies who also have it, and it is awful.

Post 28

I am a 35 year old adult who just got over the worst part of HFAM. I caught it from my niece who is 2. I can verify that it indeed itches a lot in adults. It was terrible. I was up constantly the other night because of the itching and my feet are just raw now. I can barely walk with this stuff.

Post 27

I'm a school teacher and caght HFMD from some kid I am sure.

Day 1: High fever, chills, hot and cold flashes, flu like symptoms, shaking so much I thought my back was going to break in half.

Day 2: Woke up with what felt like paper cuts all over my hands and feet. Thought I had a cold sore on my mouth. Went to the doctor and he said it was HFMD and that there was nothing he could. do. Conditions got worse throughout the day, with blistering, spots and pain.

Day 3: More blisters and spots, intolerable pain, itching, scabbing, and I looked awful! Low appetite too. Had to get Tylenol One's for the pain. I could barely

walk or hold anything because of the pain. The Tylenol kicked in and reduced the pain significantly.

Day 4: Even more spots/blisters. This time they appeared in my groin area, a few on the genitals, buttocks, ears, and the odd one on my arms. Itching reduced, appetite still low, and scabbing around the mouth.

Day 5: Not nearly as much pain but plenty of blisters. More dry scabbing around the mouth. New pain under the fingernails. I suppose I might lose those as it has been reported in other instances. I look and feel awful! Psychologically, I am doing OK but it has put me in a funk because I can't see anyone.

I am currently writing on day 5 and am wondering when I will see improvements. This is one of the worst viruses to catch as an adult! I have put myself under quarantine and am getting well acquainted with my old friend, the television.

If you have this, I know what you're going through. At least I don't have it in my throat -- yet. Who knows? Good luck to me. If anyone knows of the time that a person notices improvements, please post this.

Post 26

Anyone who tells you that Hand, Foot and Mouth does not itch either hasn't had it as an adult or is super lucky. My palms are covered and it is the worst itching I have ever had.

I am 35 years old and had chicken pox as a child and have suffered many different bouts hives finding out that I am allergic to three different antibiotics, and seriously, this is the worst itching I have ever had! Holding icepacks has been the only thing to offer any sort of relief.

Post 25

About a week ago my 16 year old son complained of "not feeling well". He said he just didn't feel right and that he thought he had a fever because he was freezing even though it was really hot outside. I had him take his temperature and it was 103.1 F. Here is how his HFMD unfolded.

Day 1: Body aches, overall feeling of not being well. High fever of 103.1 and sore throat.

Day 2: Went to urgent care where they did a rapid strep test which came out negative. They informed us they still thought it was strep and said the rapid test can give false positives so they sent that to the lab and prescribed antibiotics for


Day 3: Throat felt worse so did body. His hands, feet and body were starting to break out.

Day 4: Throat was way worse and he couldn't eat or drink without extreme pain. He had body aches, a rash began on his scalp, face and his hands and feet totally covered in blisters. I took him back to urgent care where the doctor right away told him it was HFMD. She told him to stop taking antibiotics because they wouldn't help and that it needed to run its course. She prescribed him Tylenol with codeine for the pain and a prescription gel/ointment that is dental grade used for ulcers in the mouth that you rub on all the sores and it numbs them for quite awhile. This helped him to eat.

Day 5: Woke up with more blisters on his ears, calves, back and arms but the pain in his throat was slightly better. The blisters on his face were scabbing over, but the new ones on his ears were just starting.

Day 6: Most of the pain was gone from his throat and his face looked much better. No new blisters have formed.

I hope this helps. When we were trying to figure out what this was, we couldn't find any solid information that connected the scalp blisters and face blisters with HFMD so we assumed he must have had something other than that.

Had we found this site sooner, it would have eased my fears a bit. If you do find yourself fighting this virus, please go to your doctor and get pain meds and I recommend you also ask for prescription grade gel, paste or ointment for the sores in your mouth. Nothing is worse than having pain so bad you can't eat or drink. Your body needs energy to fight and it needs food and drink for energy. Good luck!

Post 24

Adult HFMD Treatment for the following symptoms:

Sore throat: Olive leaf extract, colloidal silver spray.

Rashes/blisters: Calamine lotion (helps with itch and dries them up a lot quicker).

Scalp acne: Frequent hair washing with shampoo, preferably anti-dandruff.

Itchy skin: Antihistamines like Telfast or Zyrtec.

Fever/headache: Panadol or Nurofen.

Drink plenty of water.

Post 23

I'm 27 and I got HFMD from my two little boys, an almost 3-year-old and 14-month-old. The doctor said it was very rare for adults to get it but I got it as quite a few of you grown ups did as well. Thought I would do a posting as I've been researching every day since my sons got HMFD and most of the information I have got hasn't been very useful.

Both of my boys had high fever last Saturday during dinner and vomited later on. The fever persisted for another day and on the third day, they started having red spots around and in their mouth and throat, on their hands, legs, knees and feet. Some of the

spots turned to blisters on the fourth day. They had a bit of a temperature on and off on days 4 and 5 and got diagnosed with tonsillitis as a secondary infection.

I read about loss of appetite with HFMD but I guess that made it even worse. They didn't want to eat and would only drink a little. On the sixth day, some of the blisters started popping. On the seventh day, they started drying up and the kids felt a lot better. Today's the eighth day and they're pretty much back to their normal selves, playing and running amok, and they're finally eating again.

Now, my story: On Tuesday afternoon, I started having the shakes and had a really sore throat. I had a bad feeling I was getting it too. Tuesday evening I had a high temperature of 39.1 degrees Celsius. I had nausea and had such a sore back it felt like it was going to break.

Wednesday: My temperature was 40.3 degrees celsius in the morning and my back still felt like it was going to break. I also had loss of appetite and lethargy. My throat was very sore so I looked at it in the mirror that night with a torch and saw I had sores all inside my mouth and ulcers in my throat, tonsils, etc. The torch also revealed many tiny, ulcer-type sores on my lips and sores had started developing around my mouth. I emailed boss to say I wasn't going to be able to go in to work as I knew how contagious it was.

Thursday: My fever had subsided and I gargled with olive leaf extract. It stung quite a bit, but definitely numbed it and I could eat. Spots and blisters then started appearing very rapidly all over my hands and feet. I had little bumps all over my scalp about 1cm apart in all directions that were so itchy. I didn't know what they were so I looked it up, and they were scalp acne which, in this case, appeared to be caused by the viral infection. I couldn't sleep all night as my hands and feet started swelling so much that I couldn't close my hands and they felt like they were going to explode.

Friday: I was very frustrated. I read that it's not itchy for kids but can be very itchy for adults, which is definitely the case for me. I was beyond itchy. I was feeling so itchy and sore I felt like banging my head against the wall. The blisters around my mouth had started popping and weeping. I felt dirty and like a leper. This disease is so disgusting! At least I could take panadol for the pain. but it only took the edge off. I felt like I needed stronger painkillers but couldn't because I was still breastfeeding my 14-month-old. I called out an after hours doctor as there was no way I was leaving the house looking like that. The doctor walked in, took one look at me and said, "You have hand, foot, mouth disease. I can't do anything for you", and started walking out.

Post 22

I contracted HFMD from the kids I nanny for. I'm 27.

Day 1: Terrible fever for about 16 hours, absolutely no appetite, and a mild sore throat.

Day 2: Fever was gone, sore throat a little worse, still no appetite, and small blisters began forming on my fingers. By the end of the day, the blisters were all over my fingers and starting in between my toes.

Day 3: The blisters and now rash all over my hands and feet are itchy, stinging, and unbearable. It woke me up at 4 a.m. I'm barely able to do simple things like walk, open doors, turn on faucets, etc.

The only things I've found to ease the itching and stinging are calamine lotion and ice packs. The ice packs provide instant relief as long as you hold onto them! It's the only thing that kept me from crying all day. I hope this helps someone out there!

Post 21

I think I may have it. I have a sore throat that is so painful but not like a cold sore throat and hundreds of tiny itchy clear blisters all over my big toe. My glands are up and i am taking panadol for the pain in the throat. Did someone say not to put anti-fungal cream on my toe?

Post 20

I am a 45 year old mother and I got if from my 12 year old daughter who got it from her toddler sister who did not get it -- just carried it. It has been horrible. My hands, feet, legs, arms inner thighs, neck, throat all have spots and blisters from this horrible virus. I still have spots on my hands and feet and it has been seven days and they look awful and I pray they go away.

My hands look scaly and my fingertips are numb and so are my toes to a point. I feel like I am wearing gloves and socks all the time from the swelling.

Post 19

My 10 month old son snagged this nasty virus from the neighbor boy. But yes indeed it was a cake walk for him.

Then I started feeling bad. Day 1: 102.1 temp followed by shivers and sweating. This is typical of a high fever.

Day 2: Extreme sore throat followed by pus filled blisters in the mouth.

Day 3: Blisters forming on tongue and roof of mouth as well as severely itchy blisters and rash on feet and hands. This is very close to unbearable.

That is as far as I have gotten with the issue. I thought I would post my home remedy for the release from itching, if even for a few minutes: cornstarch and cool water soak! It was heavenly.

I would not wish this on anyone. Good luck to you all.

Post 18

Hand, foot and mouth is brutal I got it from my adorable 2yr old nephew. Having it makes me really feel for the babies that get it, especially because they cannot fully articulate how they are feeling.

Post 17

I'm 25 years old. Day 1: Mild fever and sore throat, achy.

Day 2: No sore throat, no fever but achy and fatigued.

Day 3: Woke up and had open sores all in my scalp and on forehead/eyebrows. I had one or two bumps on my left hand and left foot. By 4:30 p.m. later on that day, hands and feet were covered with bumps and blisters and open sores were substantially worse. My hands and feet are extremely itchy and painful. By that night, open sores had spread to in and outside my nares (nostrils)and ears.

Day 4: Open sores on face are crusty and leaking fluid, especially on my nose and in between my eyebrows. I look like

a leper! My hands and feet are still painful, and I'm taking tylenol with codeine, periodically with a glass or two of merlot. The symptoms have yet to subside. I'm getting worse before I get better. I already called off all of next week from work. I contracted HFM from my two year old handsome nephew.
Post 16

My two year old daughter and myself have contracted HFM in the last week. My daughter has no rash on her hands, three spots in her mouth, two around her mouth and one on her hand. Her feet however, are covered and she is itching constantly! I am giving her regular doses of child piriton (allerief) and covering her feet in calamine lotion. This helps along with calpol for a period of about four hours.

I have spots on my hands only, which are excruciating! I would advise anyone not to use any perfumed lotions or anything that would have the possibility to irritate or sting! Calamine is a life saver! And HFAM is itchy!

Post 15

I don't know how old this forum is, but I'd like to add that I got HFMD from my 7 month old. His case was pretty textbook.

I was told healthy adults don't get it. Ha! I am a healthy 30 year old and I got it. "They" really need to update the information given on this condition. It DOES itch and it IS painful. My hands and feet are completely COVERED with blisters that are so itchy, I've just cried. The doctor prescribed pain medication just to give me some relief. Topical treatments only seem to make the itching more intense. I really hope this goes away soon.

Post 14

Thank you for this website! I'm an adult, 40-plus.

Day 1: Terrible sore throat.

Day 2: Sore throat feeling worse. I went to the Minute Clinic, and the rapid strep test was negative. I was advised to take ibuprofen for pain.

Day 3: Sore throat and mouth suddenly has six large canker sores (I was on vacation and so did not seek a doctor's advice). I kept taking ibuprofen and used canker sore medicine to calm down my mouth.

Day 4: Now trying hydrogen peroxide rinses and milk of magnesia to calm down the canker sores. I could barely eat or swallow since it hurt too much even though I was taking ibuprofen regularly. Hydrogen peroxide seems to work best

to shrink canker sores but I have been gargling with warm salt water, too.

Day 5: Now have hives/rash on forearms and calves. I'd never had this before so it surprised me to see hundreds of tiny spots all over me calves and starting to dot inside of my foot arch. These do not itch. I began taking diphenhydramine for hives/rash.

Day 6: I still have all symptoms, but my throat is less sore, and I took the same remedies. My foot arch was then covered with hives/rash. I also had hives/rash on ankles, which itched and the palms of hands itch too but hives/rash are barely noticeable on palms of hands. On the eve of Day 6, the horrible joint pain began, too.

Day 7: Sore throat gone, mouth sores mostly gone, feet and hands now swell up though. It was hard to move, since the joint pain made it difficult to grasp anything, sit down or walk. I was still regularly taking ibuprofen and diphenhydramine.

Day 8: The joint pain is awful in the morning. After taking ibuprofen and diphenhydramine, and resting on a heated mattress pad, the swelling in my feet and hands has gone down about half. The joint pain is down by about half this afternoon too. Hopefully, I'm on my way to a full recovery.

Post 13

I'm 12 years old and I have it and they say it's not itchy? Well it is! I'm covered in spots all over my face. It's not looking good.

Post 12

I got it from my one year old son, who had a very mild case of the HMFD. But in the other I can't even walk, it's so uncomfortable and painful! I am miserable. And I have those bumps all over my forehead, outside of mouth, nose, hands and bottom of my feet.

Any tips or info on how long the pain will last on the bottom of my feet and or any home remedies?

Post 11

I have just contracted HFM from my 13 month old daughter who I guess got it from one of the playgroups we attend. The rash is really itchy and if anyone tells you it's not, they are wrong!

Post 10

Well I have hand, foot and mouth right now and I'm an adult. The blisters are so itchy and I can hardly walk on my feet; it's that painful. The doctor confirmed it as hand, foot and mouth so if the rash is not itchy then I am sorry but you're wrong because it is. I just wanted to let you all know. thanks. --Chantelle

Post 9

My daughter has just been diagnosed with hand foot and mouth. No sores in her mouth though. But itchy rash on hand feet legs and buttocks. If the rash for HFAM isn't supposed to be itchy, any ideas what it could be?

Post 7

You shouldn't put any lotion or similar on the rash/blisters as it will stop them from drying out (which is the best thing for the blisters to do). just give panadol or similar to give the child some relief from blisters' soreness and it will also help any restlessness the child may be experiencing. Hope this helps.

Post 6

My daughter was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth, but there were no sores or spots in her mouth at all. The rash covered her whole arms, hands, feet legs and bum though, and after being gone for a couple of weeks it appears to be coming back. Is it possible it could be something else, as lack of mouth spots is apparently unusual, as is so much rash?

Post 5

Just so everyone knows, I have gotten HFAM twice, both times as an adult. The blisters were very itchy the second time around, the first time wasn't nearly as bad. I found that putting my hands in a bowl of hot water with baking soda helped take the itching away.

Post 4

My 15 month son had contracted hand, foot and mouth from daycare approximately two weeks ago. Had blisters on his hands, feet, legs and buttocks. Very few were spotted inside his mouth.

I used infant benadryl liquid to help with the possibility of itchiness, and calamine lotion as was directed by the doctor/pharmacist. However, I found that bathing him with baking soda was probably the "best" way to soothe him.

Now, here I am, and he has it a second time. This time mostly in his mouth (started with blisters around mouth that looked like he was sucking his soother too much) then discovered them on his hands again.

I was reading on one web site, that the virus is

almost same in nature as a mild case of Herpes. That the virus can be in the body, but not show any symptoms on the outside. Therefore it can develop a second time. However, this is not common. Hope my experience helps many of you.
Post 3

Is it possible for a child to contract hand foot and mouth disease twice?

Or is it like chicken pox, once you've had it, that's it?

My child is having what seems like a recurrence of hand foot and mouth, but I thought that this was rare -- does anybody have any advice?

Post 2

@EarlyForest -- I can't imagine that it would be a problem to put some hand lotion on the child, however, it probably isn't necessary.

Why do you need to soothe it, is the rash itchy or something?

If the rash is itchy, then it probably isn't hand, foot, and mouth -- you should check for other causes.

However, unless there are open sores or something like that, I would think that a nice, mild hand lotion could only help.

Post 1

My niece is having some pretty bad rashes on her hands and feet, we think it is hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Does anybody know if there is a good hand lotion that could help soothe the rash, or if it is OK to put lotion on a baby with hand, foot, and mouth disease?

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