What Is Halal Fried Chicken?

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Halal fried chicken is a fried chicken dish that is prepared according to halal regulations. In general, halal food refers to foods and food preparations that are acceptable under Islamic law. Halal fried chicken must conform to all of these rules.

The chicken is an animal that is not expressly forbidden by Islamic law. Halal chicken needs to conform to general butchering practices provided under Islamic law. This is what provides for restaurants to offer specific dishes like halal fried chicken.

One of the main characteristics of halal meat is that the animal must be slaughtered in a very specific way. Halal practice involves butchering the bird in a way that severs the carotid artery along with the windpipe and the jugular vein. This swift cut with a knife is one of the main features of halal butchering. In addition to the method of slaughter, halal rules may also make some restrictions on the specific ingredients in the breading that is used in fried chicken, for example, in making sure that any other secondary animal products, like lard or fat, also came from an animal slaughtered in the correct halal manner.


Along with specific butchering requirements, halal chicken is often defined by other circumstances where the dead animal cannot be used for halal cooking. This involves any kind of method that does not perform to the manner of butchering described above. For example, an animal that dies of suffocation or from a fall cannot be used in halal foods.

Many of these religious–based regulations also result in improved quality for factory farm food. Some people who do not observe Islam may still buy halal chicken and other foods based on an understanding of ideal food preparation practices. The prices for these kinds of products tend to be higher than for generic meat products, where factory farms may offer increased efficiency for food production.

The expansion of many international restaurant chains into Islamic areas of the world compelled these restaurants to research halal law, and make products that conform to these dietary rules. Large fried chicken fast food chains have concocted halal fried chicken and other chicken products, such as halal chicken nuggets, that they ship to stores in Islamic areas. While the common products of these restaurants are usually not halal, the secondary market has caused companies to develop a wide range of halal foods.


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