What Is Hajmola?

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Hajmola is a chewable, digestive Indian medicine tablet used to help relieve the pain from flatulence, upset stomach or indigestion. Typically, the tablets are consumed by many people in India as an after-dinner herbal supplement. They are made from a combination of several Indian herbs and are a very popular ayurvedic medicine. Usually, hajmola tablets are taken regularly, especially after a large meal to help promote proper digestion. Typically, they might assist in stimulating and keeping one’s digestive system healthy, and the tablets can be taken at any time of the day.

Generally, hajmola is safe for many people to use, including adults, the elderly and children. It is available not only in tablet form but also as a sweet and sour candy. Usually, the candy is made from a combination of several traditional ayurvedic herbs, salts and spices such as ginger, black pepper, black salt and cumin seeds.

Hajmola candy comes in a variety of flavors, including, mango, lemon and tamarind. Although some people might enjoy them, others might not particularly care for the tangy or strong taste. Usually, it is a matter of one’s preference and unique individual taste buds.


Often, hajmola tablets are used to control a digestive disorder known as dyspepsia. Dyspepsia, or indigestion, generally is associated with severe pain in the upper abdomen. The stomach pain might leave one feeling continually full, even though he or she hasn’t eaten any food. If, after eating a heavy meal, one should begin to suffer from an upset stomach, nausea or any other stomach irritations, such as heartburn or acid reflux, taking this medicine might be a temporary solution to the digestive ailment.

Hajmola tablets are widely known to help keep the symptoms of some common stomach problems under control, including bloating or indigestion. If one should have frequent heartburn or begin to have a typical stomachache from eating too much food, the tablets or candies might be a solution to one’s stomachache. Generally, they are both convenient and easy to use. Usually, one might choose to take some of the tablets before traveling abroad to help avoid air sickness.


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Post 6

Pretty sure they don't lead to any diseases. But if you eat lots like maybe 30 tablets a day like how I used to do at one time (heh heh) then you can get a stomach upset - loose motion. I used to finish an entire bottle in two or three days when I was a kid. As an adult I got more responsible and stopped eating so many. But every once in a while if I feel like having it I'll take three or four tablets just for the taste. I'm 31 now and nothing's happened to me as such so far.

Post 5

Hajmola is really helpful. It has no side effects.

Post 4

My cousin introduced Hajmola to me as her parents and her older sister have indigestion. She doesn't have indigestion but she like to eat them anyway because of the taste. Frankly, I like the taste too so I bought some and I also eat them even though I don't have indigestion. Apparently, according to my mum (And I don't know if she'd just saying this), is that if I have it and I don't have indigestion, I'll get ulcers, or stomach aches or whatever. Is this true?

Post 3

Not at all. They are not at all harmful.

Post 2

@anon278113: I don't know what "churans" are, but as for the hajmola, just read the ingredients and do some research and figure out whether they cause disease. But why would you think they cause deadly disease? They are made from spices, sugar, and salt.

Post 1

Tell me if hajmola or other churans can lead to some deadly disease.

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